Fast food services at belfast a town in antrim northern ireland – all nursing essays first american university

Everyone who goes into business for themselves hopes to meet or surpass a set of goals. Your specific configuration should be unique and you must have aspirations for your budding entrepreneurship. There are many factors one must consider when about to draw up a business plan for setting up a business. As an entrepreneur, I must first consider the problem of that geographical area so that I can be able to come up with the best business idea that can be able to solve that problem (mazzarol et al. 2014, p. 61). Top universities the business I propose should be able to offer good solutions to the problem of unemployment in that particular area.

The business will be located at belfast a town in antrim northern ireland. This is because belfast has a large population of youths who are jobless and the business will cater for this problem (kinealy & macatasney, 2000, p. 33).

After opening one restaurant and making sure that it is flourishing then other branches can be opened in all locations where a large number of people can be accessed. It will be like having a chain of restaurants all around belfast.

I will open my own fast food restaurant and not buy a franchise. This means that I will need a substantial amount of capital to start the business. I will then apply for a loan from my bank after I have drawn a business proposal that shows how my restaurant will be different from the others and the amount of profit I expect to receive. After the restaurant picks up I will have money to pay back the loan as well as have more capital to open a chain of restaurants all around belfast.

The fast food business will be located in a place where there are malls, colleges and universities, highways, business streets and shopping centers. American college jacket these are places where people are in large numbers and the restaurant will have a lot of visibility. This means the restaurant will be busy throughout and this will ensure high profits. As I mentioned earlier, after the success of the first restaurant, others will be opened in all those areas with a large population of people. The size of the belfast continues to expand and the demand for more convenient eating options is bound to go through the roof.

Business has the resources to tackle today’s complex societal problems. With its rich stock of resources in terms of management, finances, and technical it has a role in solving society’s more troublesome problems (kreitner, 2009, p.122). After all without society’s support, business could not have built its resources base in the first place. Belfast has a rising population of unemployed youth due to economic crisis. A fast food business will be the most appropriate in solving the problem of youth unemployment in belfast. This is because of the fact that fast food business combines all kinds of skills and knowledge and thus it can cater for a large number of youths without employment.

Force field analysis is a useful decision making technique. Washington university at st louis it will be able to communicate the reasoning behind my decisions. It will envision the situation and develop the action plan that reduces restraining forces and increases driving forces (melton, 2008, p. 52). For example, I won’t mind working hard and for long hours to see the success of my business.

For using the above force field analysis diagram I will there be able to identify some of the market demand as well as the customer expectation. In addition the force field analysis can also help me to identify some of the factors that can affect the operation of the business such as the cost of adopting new technology.

A fast food business will be able to cater for unemployed youths with different types of skills. For example, the business will include vendors, waiters, among others. This business can also cater for part-time youths who are still at school or more precisely at universities. A lot of students have to take part-time jobs to help pay for tuition fee (arnett, 2006, p.852). Those youths who have the skills of catering will be able to take the responsibility of preparing food in the restaurant. Others will have the responsibility of sales and marketing of the products (food). Delivery services will also be required for those people in offices and other places of work.