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I woke up this morning with another headache. I had been dreaming (again) and the dreams were stressful. One part of the dream saw an old lady physically attaching me as I walked through a shopping centre, she was scratching and cutting my hands and fingers. Another part of the dream saw a cat who was viscous and scratching me one minute and then quite calm and sweet another. American university location I remember saying “I can’t relax in my own home with the cat like that!”.

In another dream I had spent a lot of time and effort cooking lots of people breakfast and one person complained about all the things they didn’t like and then everyone left and I had to pay (not sure why I would be paying when I had cooked).

Anyway, as you can see, the dreams probably explain the headache that I woke up with and I woke feeling that horrible sense of “feeling down”.

I hate that at the best of times, I hate that even more when we are holidaying at my favourite place and I hate it especially because I can’t shake the feeling that more and more days are feeling this way lately. I don’t remember when this sad, low feeling begun to happen so often. I don’t know why it’s becoming such a normal state of my being lately. Washington university graduate school I don’t like feeling this way – obviously.

I tried to shake it off but it wasn’t working. My husband and I walked to a lovely rooftop cafe for breakfast and I was lost in my thoughts whilst looking out at the beautiful sea view. I felt a little sad and like I could cry, but with no thoughts accompanying that mood. My husband looked at me and asked if I was okay, I said I was but he looked disappointed and I felt angry at myself for feeling this way when I should be at my happiest being away on holiday with him. It makes me feel broken but also guilty.

After breakfast we walked along the seafront and stopped and sat on the edge of the sand. The american college again I found myself lost in the sea and again he asked if I was okay. I told him I was and he said I was very quiet. I told him so was he but he said it was unusual for me to be quiet (very true I am a chatterbox).

Soon after his parents arrived and we’ve been with them since and walked for about an hour and a half before just coming back to the hotel. I actually feel much better than I did earlier but it’s hard to tell if that’s genuine or my happy self that I have to be in front of other people. Does anyone understand that?

It’s a hard feeling when you feel down or low or sad and you desperately WANT to feel happy. It’s not something I’ve really felt before. American college of healthcare executives it makes me wonder why now? Why now that I have married the perfect man for me? Why now that I have a happy home? I feel ungrateful for feeling this way now I finally have (nearly) everything I’ve ever wanted – to feel happy, safe and loved.

Oh well, I guess we can’t help our feelings. I hope this doesn’t last too long because I worry my husband will begin to feel he’s not making me happy enough or that he will tire of my sad moods or my crying days. It must be hard for him, I know it would be hard for me if I were in his shoes.