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"Twelve apprentices in five different sports across all five CCAA member conferences will be mentored by coaches across the country during the 2018-19 season. They will be monitored throughout the year via progress reports," ," said Sandra Murray-MacDonell, CCAA Chief Executive Officers. "The CCAA Female Apprentice Coach Programs is building capacity and is beneficial to all involved."

"Usually you choose alumni (for FACP) but I knew Jenna (Smith) from coaching club (volleyball) in Grande Prairie (Alberta)," said Scott, who is also Director of Athletics at Kings. "I knew she was in Edmonton finishing off a degree (Bachelor of Education After Degree) at the University of Alberta and she is definitely going to be a good teacher and coach."

"I don’t worry about that as Jenna is very much her own person.

I don’t think I would be able to change her personality if I tried. abraham lincoln highest level of education We also have a lot of similar personality traits. She is a very strong-minded young women and she knows what she wants and has a good teaching philosophy. She feels free to question things and ask "Why?" And then we might debate it a bit."

She continued: "I’ve learned so much that I am overwhelmed but extremely happy to be here. I have a lot of gratitude to Grace (Scott) for taking me on and the girls for the perspective they give me… learning to be back at this level and to have the opportunity to remember how it was to play. I now have the opportunity to better myself, not only as a person but as a coach." Courtney Henry (FACP) Clayton Nielsen (Mentor) Medicine Hat Rattlers Women’s Basketball

"Right now I am finishing my schooling at Medicine Hat (Education) and I am not playing (basketball) as I have used up my eligibility," said Henry, 24, who was a key member of the Rattlers hoops team from 2015-2018, following two years as a multi-sport athlete (basketball, track and field) at Montana State University Billings for the Yellowjackets.

"That is the toughest thing…having friends from last year on this year’s team," admits Henry. "I had to make it clear to them that I had a new role. I was no longer their teammate but coach right now and I have to treat you that way and you have to treat me as such.

"He has helped me a lot with word choice and how you talk to the girls. He has also showed me how to work on the Xs and Os…even though he has a bit of different philosophy and a different view point. education level on application We balance each other out. He will see something and I will see something. We will disagree or agree, which is good for coaching as then you can see every aspect."

Nielsen says the rebounding of ideas is good for coaches: "She (Henry) gives me her point of view and it may have a different slant. It gives me something to think about. We communicate well and it is complimentary." Taylor Card (FACP) Benj Heinrichs (Mentor) NAIT Ooks Women’s Volleyball

"The difference now is that I am learning a completely different part of the game. A different view from being on the court. education level netherlands The hardest part if not being a player anymore. On a scale of one-to-10?…It is 11 for my desire to be out there still playing. secondary level education means Coaching helps me to stay involved with the sport at this level, instead of being completely gone from the sport.

He expanded: "The way we approach things is being authentic all the time. I will be the person that I am. With (Card) going from player- to- coach…that does not change. The current players (who were former teammates of Card) realize that her role is a bit different but friendships are more important than anything else and that is No. 1. We talk about how roles change and the expectations around that.