From prep to lab, fairmont student paves her path to success – fairmont preparatory academy education level list

After graduation from Fairmont Preparatory Academy in 2017, Dani chose to attend California State University, Fullerton where she majors in Biological Science with a concentration in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology and minors in Psychology. As a rising undergraduate student, her enthusiasm for the medical field is evident. higher education level 4 It’s for this reason she has been accepted into the Bio-organic/Biochemistry research laboratory where she works as a research assistant, an honor for a freshman, and a real testament to her passion as a student.

As an undergraduate research assistant, she will be conducting chemical experiments using a special technique called SELEX. This entails developing small molecules such as enzyme inhibitors and targets for DNA Aptamers so they can use them for DNA nanorobots in the future.

Loosely translated, she’s working on some very cool stuff.

Already looking ahead, Dani would like to pursue an M.D. or Ph.D. and work as a medical researcher. “I want to travel the world to bring new cures to people,” she said. Ultimately, her goal is to explore different aspects of biochemistry and apply them to everyday life.

There is no doubt that Dani Nguyen is well on her way to Paving her Path to success, with an incredibly bright future ahead. When asked what advice she’d give to current Fairmont seniors, she said “Expect the unexpected. highest level of education completed You will never know what you are capable of until you try it.”

Fairmont Preparatory Academy alumnus Ben Harrison used to dream about working on Capitol Hill — and now that’s his reality. After graduating summa cum laude and receiving his Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and public policy from the University of Redlands, Harrison worked a variety of political internships before landing a full-time position in Washington, D.C. as a staff member in the office of a congressman.

Harrison, who attended Fairmont Private Schools from kindergarten until high school graduation, developed an interest in politics during the beginning stages of his time at Fairmont Prep and was able to take advantage of various opportunities the school offered in order to pursue his passion. Not only was he the senior class vice president, but he also involved himself in other leadership opportunities and took courses that would better prepare him for his career interests.

“The great thing about Fairmont was that, all of the subjects were so well taught that I never felt I was lacking,” he said. “It helped me to pave the path that I’m currently on and really follow through on a goal that I had early on in my high school career, which was to be somewhere in politics — and that’s where I am right now.” Harrison intends to continue in his political pursuits and knows that whatever goals he sets before himself are attainable, thanks in large part to the preparation he received as a student at Fairmont.

Northeastern University graduate and member of Fairmont Preparatory Academy’s Class of 2013 graduating class Christine Boutros knows the value of a Fairmont education and how it helped prepare her for the academic rigors she would face in college, particularly in her science classes. The Advanced Placement courses she took in high school allowed her to forego many first-year courses and have the opportunity to take upper-level classes early on in her studies. As a result, she finished her requirements ahead of schedule and was able to work full time in a lab, conducting neuroscience research for two years during college.

Boutros received her bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience in 2017 and is currently a research technician at Harvard Medical School. In the spring of 2018, she will take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and apply to M.D./Ph.D. programs in her pursuit of a career in neurology. Thanks to her time at Fairmont Prep — even though she did not always see them at the time — she now fully understands the possibilities available to her in her career.

"When I look back on the conversations I had with my teachers [at Fairmont], I realize that they know so much more about the things you can do with your future," she said. "Utilizing that life experience that our teachers have is extremely important." Boutros also knows that it is beneficial for students to believe that they can achieve more than they would have imagined before attending Fairmont.

"Don’t under sell yourself," she advised. "Apply to colleges, even the ones you’re not 100 percent sure you’ll get in to. what does as level mean in education I think we don’t have a very good feel for the people we’re competing with, but you’re actually in a very good position to get in to very good schools."

Former Fairmont Prep basketball standout Cierra Hall is continuing to let her talents shine at the next level in more ways than one. Not only was she named to the 2018 Big West Conference All-Freshman Team, but she’s also majoring in cell biology so that she can pursue her dream of attending medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

As a student at Fairmont and winner of OC Register’s Small Schools Female Athlete of the Year for her leadership and accomplishments on the basketball court in the CIF San Joaquin League, Hall certainly had a busy schedule. In addition to basketball, she was an AP scholar with distinction and earned Fairmont Prep’s award for Bioethics Student of the Year.

"There were always teachers, counselors and tutoring available if needed," she said. "Being able to balance athletics with academics made me learn how to be proactive, organized, and have good time management. secondary level education means in india I learned how to be able to study independently and make sure I was getting the most out of all of the opportunities that were offered."

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Fairmont Prep Class of 2009 graduate Anar Bhansali knew she wanted her career to honor her family’s legacy. The Bhansalis have four generations of experience in the diamond industry, so she decided to use fine jewelry as her canvas for expression and created Bhansali, a jewelry line intended to change how people perceive luxury.

Borrowing from both past craftsmanship and modern sensibilities, Bhansali’s one-of-a-kind pieces reflect how women live today and are meant to be worn every day rather than displayed solely for decoration or safekeeping. She also designs custom pieces and engagement rings, and her jewelry can be purchased at Neiman Marcus and various independent luxury boutiques throughout the world as well as by appointment at the Bhansali showroom in Beverly Hills. Bhansali knows that the path she has taken thus far is a result of the experience she had as a student at Fairmont Prep.

"Besides the exceptional educational foundation, Fairmont gave me the opportunity to discover my passions and interests by allowing me to immerse myself in art, athletics, and extracurricular activities," she said. "This well-rounded combination of academic and extracurricular programs not only prepared me well for college but also helped prepare me for the diverse challenges of life after college."

She also values the diversity found on Fairmont Prep’s campus, which helped to prepare her for conducting business and regularly interacting with people of all different backgrounds. "What I enjoyed most as a Fairmont Prep student was being surrounded by people from all over the world," Bhansali said. "We live in a globalized world where business constantly crosses borders. It is important to learn about and understand different cultures and languages to be successful in today’s world."