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Fulcrum announced the launch of new product line “supplyday”, a software platform to automate supply chain needs of various business verticals like distribution and manufacturing and E-commerce. The product is designed to help organizations design, transform and manage their supply chains thereby generating business values and providing competitive advantages.

SmartCEO celebrated 40 companies that have successfully championed positive, productive and performance-driven corporate cultures, and have worked with their employees to develop impactful practices.

The corporate culture award winners were profiled in the november issue of smartceo magazine and celebrated at a fun-filled event at starland ballroom, new jersey.

Fulcrum worldwide, a digital transformation and software-as-a-service (saas) company, announced the acquisition of redstage networks LLC, offering ecommerce products to companies across north america. American college jacket the acquisition will help redstage, a boutique agency providing magento – open-source ecommerce platform based services to further boost their growth and performance.

Times group, federal bank and dun & bradstreet had joined hands to launch a new awards initiative that recognized and felicitated smes that have demonstrated exemplary performance in their respective fields; they recognized the efforts put in by entrepreneurs in making their businesses successful.

Mr. Nandkeolyar is at the helm of affairs, when it comes enthralling, nurturing and retaining the best of the IT industry. At fulcrum, he’s responsible for overseeing global recruitments, managing partners and bringing synergy among geographical widespread teams.

Fulcrum’s sharepoint evangelists spearheaded the first ever webinar on sharepoint migration for the APAC audience. Participants from australia, singapore, UAE and other APAC nations joined in to know about the new upgrade features in sharepoint 2013 and best migration practices & processes.

Dhana kumarasamy has been chosen as the winner of smartceo executive management award. This prestigious award is conferred upon the C-level executives who have excelled in their domain of expertise and also made significant contribution towards holistic growth of the business.

Fulcrum, global IT service provider, today announced that a leading clinical data management organization has selected fulcrum to provide a clinical data collection and business intelligence solution to its global workforce and beneficiaries.

Fulcrum announced the launch of new product line “supplyday”, a software platform to automate supply chain needs of various business verticals like distribution and manufacturing and E-commerce. The product is designed to help organizations design, transform and manage their supply chains thereby generating business values and providing competitive advantages. Top universities the product offers a solution to growing industry problems such as the pressure of globalization, changing market needs, and regularity demands by helping businesses optimize costs and improve profitability, manage inventory, organize business chains and have an overall competitive advantage in the industry. This initiative includes building the entire end-to-end process of supply chain from the acceptance of deliveries from vendors to the delivery of products to the end users.

Having engaged with multiple industries over years and understanding the complexities of supply chain management organizations, fulcrum is offering this product as a robust solution to handling the complex supply chains of the organization. Ensuring an enhanced control across the network with the use of latest technology, the product is designed to provide an overall improved experience for stakeholders, business users, as well as clients and partners. “supplyday is a comprehensive solution for the supply chain industry” said sukrit sondhi, VP, supplyday, fulcrum worldwide. “it has been designed to track information and provide insights to optimize supply chain operations. The customer-centric and cloud-based approach will help businesses automate their supply chain while having a 360-degree view of the operations,” he added.

Fulcrum, ranks 15th in the dataquest ‘DQ-IDC IT best employers survey’ 2008. It competed with the best in the industry to emerge in the top 20 best employers in the country, proving its long standing commitment to following only the best practices in HR complimented with a value based system ensuring growth and stability to all their employees.

Fulcrum is a new entrant to this list of top employers this year and this ranking was the culmination of considerable efforts taken to streamline the HR processes into an agile, efficient and responsive business process. Employees have ranked the company high in terms of industry standard pay scales, ability to take decisions freely and the communication style that brings about cohesiveness in the team structures. In a year when several industry giants abstained from participating in this HR survey, due to the difficult market scenario , fulcrum has emerged as a company that believes in nurturing, respecting and encouraging its employees to achieve their potential in terms of personal as well as professional growth.

Fulcrum, niche player in emerging technologies surrounding portals, SOA, BPM and an IBM advanced business partner, demonstrated its portal competencies in the "gartner portals, content & collaboration summit" held in london. This event is a boutique and focused event with high value consulting in collaboration and portal solutions.

Fulcrum also announced its strategic partnership with virgil, a netherlands based company. Fulcrum will not only be an implementation partner but also a strategic business partner and will offer solutions and services on the virgil trading applications (built on websphere portal) which are currently being implemented enterprise wide with different banks.

Floris van tol, director of virgil, strongly believes that fulcrum’s global competencies and their close-relationship with IBM UK will give them strategic leverage to explore their products in areas like portals & technologies and in newer markets like the UK & ireland.

During the course of this event, the CEO of fulcrum, mr. Rajesh sinha interacted with about 300 cxos and IT directors from various industries like logistics, retail, insurance & manufacturing who were interested in the fulcrum’s capabilities and global delivery model.

In response to changes in technology and its operating space, fulcrum, global IT service provider has announced a major restructuring plan to dynamically align its global business through its multi geography delivery centers. Washington university at st louis with this restructuring plan, the international geographically – oriented services organization will be grouped into technical and business domains structured as strategic business units. The focused service offerings will be organized into enterprise application services, enterprise portal services, enterprise data services, creative, testing and maintenance service and professional services group. The creation of an innovation group will further enhance the global delivery model and bring innovation into industry solutions and build emerging technology competencies. The innovation group brings radical thinking around software service areas to combine technical, business and human assets. Rajesh sinha, CEO presented the details plan and roadmap at the company’s annual event held in pune, india. FULCRUM HOLIDAY PARTY WITH KMA