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First I will mention that over the last 3 years Jim has gone through many rounds of chemo. His latest MRI has shown significant tumor growth and at this time treatment options are very limited. Jim has decided not to continue with further treatments.

We got hospice set up yesterday and are preparing for the groups of people who need to make their rounds to see us for services the next few days – nurses, aids, chaplain, social worker, etc. access to higher education level I’m expecting to receive a few supplies today to aid in caring for Jim.

Jim has been very sleepy this week. At certain times during the day he opens his eyes and chills with us for a while. Mostly, he seems weak and talks very, very softly with his eyes closed. He stays in the hospital bed now and doesn’t get up at all. When he’s too sleepy it’s hard to get him to cooperate with whatever I’m doing to assist him, so I select key times in the day to do those chores/activities.

He cracks me up when he grabs for my hand to hold it while I’m in the middle of frustrating tasks (like changing out the sheet while he’s still laying on the bed). I have to remind him that I’m struggling to do it with 2 hands, using only 1 hand is impossible. Lol

We have some meals coming this week and next week. We are so grateful for everyone’s help. I’m still getting sporadic sleep, so it affects my energy level at times. With trying to keep up on laundry, doing household chores here and there (which I love. I’m not complaining), and working on stuff for the office (again – I love doing that, too) I have to be careful to conserve my energy somewhere. So, thanks to all who have assisted with meals. You bless us!

I have seen a few new donations on our GoFundMe page. I don’t recognize some the names or am not as familiar with certain people. Please accept my humble thanks for these financial contributions. It will help us with medical bills. I am not propositioning anyone for more donations by adding this thank you. Please understand that.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support for our whole family. Please don’t forget my kids in your prayers. They hurt too. They have been champs through all of this chaos, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy for them . . . and that hurts this momma’s heart.

Yesterday was an extremely long day. By the time we got out of the doctor’s office, it was 5:00 PM. We went to dinner and waited for rush hour traffic before we headed home. education level 3 We got home very late and were not able to properly word an update for everyone due to our exhaustion. I think we slept the entire night through for the first time in over a week!

The final biopsy results are not back yet. Based on the MRI/CT scans and the initial biopsy result (while he was in surgery), the diagnosis is an aggressive, inoperable, cancerous brain tumor – Glioblastoma. The doctor was confident in this diagnosis from the first biopsy, but we were hoping to get the final results before sharing the information.

The appointments yesterday went well. Everyone was kind and helpful. The team is talking about having us go back to Stanford one day next week to do final scans to set up chemo and radiation. We will know better once they get authorization from our insurance.

Although these are definitely not the reports we would like to hear, we are trusting that God will be faithful and get us through this stormy time. He has not changed just because our circumstances have. We will choose to keep our eyes on HIM. He is able to bring healing!

We know that God is doing a new thing through these challenges. It is our hope that through this He will bring many to know Him, and will solidify the faith of those who already know Him. job application highest level of education He is definitely raising up an army in our community. I’m excited to see what He will do as we surrender our lives to Him completely in this. His Word says He brings beauty for ashes.