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JJ Khaira got the scoring started just a few minutes into the first period with a power-play goal. Connor McDavid lost the puck skating into the zone but Drake Caggiula picked it up and fed it back to the streaking McDavid who found Khaira all alone in front of the net.

Calgary would go ahead and score three quick goals before the end of the first period, but the Oilers battled back. McDavid got a shot on goal, the puck bounced around in front, and then the captain picked up his own rebound and buried it past Mike Smith.

This one was originally credited to Jakub Jerabek, but after the replay, it’s clear that the Calgary defender knocked the puck into his own net. education level usa Kailer Yamamoto streaked across the middle of the offensive zone, tried to feed Jerabek, but ended up with a goal of his own to tie it.

It was Yamamoto again giving the Oilers the lead in the third period. Drake Caggiula drove around Calgary’s defender and tossed the puck towards the net where a driving Yamamoto would nudge the puck over Smith’s pad. The Oilers would hang on to the one-goal lead and come out with the win.

• Cam Talbot was the star of the game for the Oilers. He faced 43 shots and stopped 40 of them, giving the Oilers a chance to win. Save for that three-goal rally the Flames had late in the first, Talbot was unbeatable all afternoon. He’s had an excellent pre-season all around and it seems his troubles from last year are behind him. On the flip side, Mike Smith looked terrible.

• I really noticed Evan Bouchard again today. He still has a bit of a tough time positionally in his own zone, which is to be expected, but he’s ridiculously good at breaking the puck out and hitting forwards in stride. Another thing he does well is join the play and give the forwards another option in the offensive zone without completely getting himself out of position.

• Speaking of rookies, Kailer Yamamoto will make the team this year. He’s earned it. He looked very good again today. He’s a weapon in the offensive zone and, all pre-season, really, has been one of Edmonton’s best forwards at generating offence without playing with Connor McDavid.

• This was Drake Caggiula’s best game of the pre-season. That was key for him because he had worked himself out of the opening night lineup by being largely invisible in earlier games. He looked quicker tonight, generating offence and getting the puck to the net.

No team has come close to sucking like the Oil did that decade of darkness, despair, anguish & misery … Over 786 games the Oilers compiled a 298-398-90 record. That works out to an 82-game average of 71.6 points, in a league where the other 29 teams averaged 92.4. Not surprisingly then, the Oilers had the fewest wins and fewest points in the NHL over those ten seasons, as well as the lowest win percentage, the lowest points percentage, the worst goal differential, and the worst shot differential.

The Oilers trailed the 29th place Maple Leafs by 86 points, a total large enough that if the Oilers could all but one of their last ten seasons and still be in last place overall. Basically the Oilers got lapped over that decade. Looked at another way, the difference between the 30 place Oilers and the 29th place Maples Leafs was larger than the gap between the Leafs and the 19th place Calgary Flames. The Oilers were basically playing in a different league than everyone else. And the goal and shot differentials tell a similar story.The goals are bad but the shot differential is simply amazing. With a shot differential of -3234, a full season pace of -337, the Oilers deserve some sort of medal. The Buffalo Sabres are the next worst team on the list and they’re 1253 shots better than the Oilers. Put another way, the Oilers shot differential over the last decade has been 63% worse than that of the Sabres. 63% worse than the Sabres. what is a level education One more time, 63% worse than the Sabres. If you need to take a minute to let that sink in, I’ll understand, it’s a shocking total.

@opi it’s ok opi I understand stand why you troll like this you suffer from a inferiority complex. Rooted in the fact your team has always been the second best franchise in this province. Are 5 Stanley cup to your 1. The fact we have now had the best player in the game on are team now twice for extended periods of time during are franchise history. I know you got lil Jonny hockey and the “best D in the league”. I know lil Jonny is like the 35 best player in the league and a D core that always seems to fail you. Strange how your Dcore is always the best but always falls on there face. Your team wasn’t named best team in the NHL history like the oil were. You traded a top paring 50pt dman cause he like to go to the museum. countries education level For a guy who is NOT a top paring dman and will never put up 50pts. Your 36 year old past his prime goalie looks about as good as are back up. I seem to remember you making comments about Koskinen earlier this week might as well just apply those to mike the sieve smith. It’s ok opi your doing the best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt. We are not all first round picks we could be a seventh round pick like you who has zero chance of amounting to anything.