Getting down in the unfathomable washington university map

So the quest begins in riften when an argonian called “from-deepest-fathoms” is roaming around, talking to herself. American college sofia if you choose to approach her, she will push the “lexicon” onto you. Thus, starts your journey to a weird, dwarven abandoned industrial thing (ruins?) called avanchnzel. Not going to lie, this quest seems like some kind of make-A-wish for a redditor project whose account name was “from-deepest-fathoms”.

I made my way through this creepy cave following the copper-colored ghost memories after the lexicon. At various points through the cave, they’d have very very ambiguous dialogue about the lexicon’s importance but they did have a bit of different personalities. Like, the archetype nervous dude who was skeptical of going into a cave, a dull, power-hungry leader guy who wanted the lexicon for himself, and two others with ulterior motives.

Included among the group were argonians from-deepest-fathoms and watch-the-roots who sought after the lexicon’s knowledge. Copper people!

Anyway, this place was pretty confusing for me. Top universities in india I was going down all different kinds of paths, back and forth until I was finally able to start moving forward. I ended up finding my way to the end of the quest, where I returned the lexicon. Before returning the lexicon, I had to fight an iron giant: dwarven centurion who came rolling after my ass. I hid in the corner healing myself, as he was searching for me around pillars, which was a pretty awesome detail on skyrim’s part. University of the americas once I was healed, I jumped out in front of him and clubbed him in his metal genitals, to which he immediately fell over! I cannot believe I won by whacking tin man in the nuts. Afterwards, the game was like “yay, you’re finished!” and apparently that was all.

It was a nice little side-story adventure, but it was pretty unnecessary. I could’ve gone without doing that. Then again, the quest did help me grow to level 17 in an easy way, which I appreciate. I used frostbite venom on my mace because dwarven creatures are weak to frostbite wow he really ded

My phone died, otherwise I’d have more pictures available; I decided to go to solitude to try out my amulet of mara on potential suitors. Before I made it to solitude, I was attempting to start a quest at treva’s watch. There were loads and loads of powerful bandits with LIGHTNING I kept trying to take on, but alas, they were too strong for me and I fast-traveled the heck out of there.

At the winking skeever I talked to corpulus vinius, who I read is marriageable (I wonder if he likes dark elves). He told me about the blue palace and the beggar in front of the bard’s college, so I scoped that guy out. Dervenin looks like a total druncle. He was yearning for me to find and return his “master” who went on vacation, and so, I began the quest “the mind of madness”.

I went to the blue palace to gain access to the pelagius wing, which was basically handed to me, and there I walked in on a tea party between the ghost of a mad king, and the insane sheogorath (nice choice of vacation place, btw). Best universities england I, myself, am here wearing a santa hat. I saved and stopped right before I delved any further into the quest, so I could have more content for later. I have a feeling things are about to get weird.