Gilwern primary school countries education level

EXPERIENCE: I completed a BSc(Hons) Psychology and PGCE at Swansea University. country with highest education level My early teaching experiences were in Brynglas, Woodlands and Trellech. I was appointed Deputy Headteacher in Gilwern in 1993 and became Head in 2000. I am now fortunate to have been able to build a fantastic team to take the school forward. The pupils of Gilwern always come first in all aspects of my professional life. In addition to school I have been Chair of the Abergavenny Headteachers group for a number of years and represent Monmouthshire on the Welsh International Dimension in Education group and WAG Leadership Development and Implementation Group.

CLASS/GROUP ETHOS: I see myself as an approachable teacher who likes to share a joke with children but also mixed with respect. I am very fair and listen carefully to what children need.

I like to give children the confidence they need to feel they could achieve anything. I like nothing better than a tidy classroom at the end of a day.

FUN BITS: Fi yn hoffi mynd i’r sinema a gweld sioeau cerdd.I have 2 young sons and really enjoy my moments at home with them. what level of education My favourite meal would always be a good sunday roast, but preferably cooked by someone else! There is nothing better than laughter- so I enjoy Comedians and have seen many. If I had the chance to have a superpower I would definitely love eyes in the back of my head!

EXPERIENCE: I started working at Gilwern School in 2011 and enjoyed getting to know children throughout the school. I have been a teacher for a long time and worked in lots of schools. I am loving the new challenge of teaching in the Foundation Phase and helping coordinate the Eco Explorers.

FUN BITS: Fi yn hoffi chwarae golff a mynd am deithiau cerddedd gyda fy ci. Long walks with my dog is a weekend must. I like nothing better than a Friday night take-away. My superpower would be to actually be able to do the 10,000 jobs that need doing at once.

FUN BITS: When I’m not in school, I’m running around after the animals on the farm with the sheepdog. I also enjoy fiddling in the garden, trying to make the vegetables grow that bit faster! My favourite meal would have to be a roast dinner, with all the vegetables freshly picked from my garden. Fy hoff fwyd yw siocled. My superpower would be to fly in the sky looking down at all the hustle and bustle below.

CLASS/GROUP ETHOS: I endeavour to provide a friendly and welcoming classroom environment where children are inspired. what does highest level of education mean I encourage the children to gain a sense of achievement and an ability to work independently. level education A range of opportunities and a wide variety of experiences make Year 2 a fun place to be. My expertise is in Science and I promote learning of skills in this area.

FUN BITS: Rwy’n mwynhau eu gwyliau yn Ffrainc a fi wyf yn Ffrangeg dysgu yn Coleg Gwent. My favourite food would probably be Mexican dishes however a good beef stew is hard to beat. I love going to the theatre and need to make more time to do so. I enjoy watching (and much to my familys disgust) commentating loudly on International Rugby matches. I enjoy a family walk with my two dogs and doing crosswords/sudukos. My superpower would be to be in lots of places at the same time!!

FUN BITS: Rwy’n chwarae dartiau merched ar gyfer y fenni .I also play in a mixed Crickhowell and District League, where I am currently the Ladies Single Champion. My favourite food would have to be a roast dinner minus the veg.I also enjoy watching football. My favourite football team is Manchester United. My Superpower would be invincibility.

CLASS/GROUP ETHOS: As Read, Write, Inc. Co-ordinator, I aim not only to promote literacy throughout the school but provide children with the skills to become independent and confident with literacy. Working with all ages across the Foundation Phase, I am aware of all learning styles and abilities, which allows me to adapt my approach to teaching to suit the diverse learning styles of the children.

FUN BITS: Dw i’n hoffi siarad cymraeg ac nofio, achos mae’n gwych. does highest level of education mean My favourite food is sweet and sour chicken. My superpower would be to make everyone happy. In my spare time I enjoy cricket and ocassionaly teach swimming lessons. I am also the child welfare officer for my local cricket club.