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Sexual teasing spreads sex out over a longer time period and guys like that. Teasing also gets his mind and his body going sexually, and he enjoys that. what is the highest level of education Aside from the fact that guys enjoy feeling horny, prolonged arousal makes the eventual climax better. Some men like a bit of teasing, while others enjoy being teased for many hours before sex finally happens.

All this said, there are two kinds of teases; the good tease and the bad tease. The good tease drives him crazy and then finishes what she started before he totally loses his mind. The bad tease gets a guy going and then fails to follow through. Avoid Being a Bad Tease:

Most women who are guilty of being a bad tease probably have no idea they have done it and they certainly didn’t mean to do it. At some point during the day, she says or does something to get her husband aroused.

She does this because she knows he likes it. She fully intends to have sex with him by the end of the day. Then something comes up and she forgets about sex, or she’s too tired or stressed to want sex. She probably doesn’t even think about it as they go to bed. Even if she’s aware of it, she has no idea how much he needs her to take care of him. It’s not just the need for physical release, it’s an implied promise she made when she intentionally got him turned on.

I can see how this information might make you think you shouldn’t tease your husband because it could end badly. level of higher education But don’t let this keep you from doing something that will make him feel loved and special. One safe way to do this is to limit the teasing to the last hour or so before bed. By then you should know if you’re going to have the time and energy to put out the fire you’ve started. A safe option for more prolonged teasing is to determine you will do something for him even if the day goes badly. At the very least as you go to bed you tell him you had planned to do something special before the day went sideways. Then tell him you won’t leave him worked up and give him a handjob. Be a Good Tease:

If you want to try this with your husband, start small. Or maybe I should say start short. Get him worked up an hour before you plan to have sex and see how he likes it. If he enjoys it, push the time back. Use trial and error to figure out how long he can enjoy being horny.

Also, experiment with teasing him to higher and higher levels of arousal. Does he want to be felt up a few hours before sex? Does he want you to take him to the edge of orgasm a few hours before, or several times during the day? Does he want morning intercourse without climax? Every guy has a limit on this and he probably doesn’t know where his limit is. If you help him find it and then play with it from time to time he will think you’re the most amazing lover ever. Being a Tease and Getting Yours:

Some women get turned on by teasing their husband, some don’t. Even if the teasing isn’t arousing, the sex involved may be. education level question If you want sex by the end of the teasing, you certainly should get what you want. Let his pleasuring you be the last round of teasing. If you want something special, ask for it. He should be primed to do pretty much anything you want.