Gotha cosmetic headquarters by iarchitects a as architecture the education level of the unemployed

Gotha Cosmetic srl has entrusted iarchitects with the renovation and expansion of its headquarters. as education level The project has developed from the customer’s need to have new spaces suitable following the brand renewal and focused on expanding the offices area, upgrading the manifacturing area and creating a new entrance and representative spaces. Photo © Claudia Calegari

The pre-existing building consisted of a simple parallelepiped connected to an industrial warehouse. “The design effort was the inclusion of a representative building in a strongly connoted industrial fabric, distinguishing the volume dedicated to visitors from the operative body” explains Pietro Perego, partner of iarchitects and project leader. Photo © Claudia Calegari

A new volume has been created, which becomes the new iconic entrance. university level education The ground floor is a large double-height room which gives access to a series of spaces dedicated to reception and meetings for employees and representatives; at the first level in the jutting part we find meeting rooms, a small exhibition space for products and a terrace for events and special occasions.

Photo © Claudia Calegari

The black lacquered counter behind which stands the logo of the cosmetic company, dialogues in a game of contrasts with the wholly white environment, while a large spiral staircase with sinuous shapes becomes the main feature of the space. One of the completely glazed exterior walls allows the light to flood the space. Suspended ceiling light modules and LED strips provide artificial lighting. highest level of education survey question Photo © Claudia Calegari

The already existing volume containing offices, has been added a level in anticipation of a future expansion. The ground floor inside has been completely renovated following a new layout. Around the iron staircase the offices of different width, with fully glazed walls are disposed. They feature interiors marked by the utmost sobriety, with resin or Venetian veneer for the floors, glossy black surfaces and walls covered with light colored fabric. education level bachelor Photo © Claudia Calegari

Compared to the external area, the project has interpreted the square and the green areas as places of extension of the company designed for events. Next to the main entrance in the space between the new volume and the production area we find a courtyard with trees in large basins to be arranged according to needs. Photo © Claudia Calegari

The character of the project is defined and synthesized by the fabric covering of the bioclimatic textile façade that delineates volumetric continuity between the offices and the manufacturing area ,and plays with changing chromaticity, accentuating the strongly iconic character of the new projecting volume. Photo © Claudia Calegari

“The manufacturing area is completely modified thanks to the introduction of new technical and distribution solutions, so as to allow the increase in production and an improvement in the quality of work, as requested by the customer” – explains architect Perego. ” the building respects the highest energy-environmental standards thanks to an external polystyrene coat and to the fabric covering of the façade that protects the building from excessive radiation from the sun’s rays and at the same time from the cold, and to the adoption of a high efficiency thermal plant “- Photo © Claudia Calegari

The attention to quality and comfort of the interior spaces, has merged into the adoption of windows that use latest generation sun protection systems and low emission and low energy LED lights to natural light integrations. jobs available at each level of education For the manufacturing area a counter-wall system with insulation together with low-consumption LED lights improves energy performance Photo © Claudia Calegari

“Creating a synergy between the new image of the brand Gotha and the fashion world, this was the inspiring line. As Gotha develops products from its clients’ ideas, we have modeled this building on the basis of the desires emerged during our discussions. The idea of a dialogue of transparencies and colors leds to the creation of a work which brings together creativity and production ” says Pietro Perego. Source by iarchitects. Photo © Claudia Calegari

Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Photo © Claudia Calegari Diagram Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan