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Greenheck’s line of electric duct heaters has grown with the introduction of model IDHE. low education level Model IDHE is the industry’s first electric duct heater UL listed for multiple position mounting and universal airflow. This allows the control cabinet to be installed on either side of a horizontal duct or in any orientation on a vertical duct. There’s no more need to determine the mounting orientation and control box offset prior to ordering the heater. One model. Any direction!

This model is configurable in sizes up to 40 x 20 inches with a maximum capacity of 100 kW and features 50/60 Hz compatibility, power and control terminal boards, an automatic reset thermal safety switch for primary over temperature protection, and heavy gauge G60 construction. Ideal for space, primary, secondary, auxiliary and reheating applications, Model IDHE is UL 1996 certified and many options are available.

The new direct drive mixed flow inline fan features an energy-saving Vari-Green® motor mounted inside a patent pending octagonal housing. The Vari-Green motor’s variable speed control allows the fan performance to match facility demand and requires virtually no maintenance. Model EQD offers a performance range up to 4,250 cfm and static pressure up to 2.5 in. wg. Model EQD is ideal for indoor, commercial clean air applications where quiet, economical operation is desired such as office buildings, educational facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and multifamily housing.

The Vari-Green motor’s variable speed control allows the fan performance to match facility demand and requires virtually no maintenance. The unique octagonal housing coupled with the aluminum mixed flow wheel’s straightening vanes improves fan efficiency and helps reduce sound levels by converting swirling airflow into straight laminar flow. New Direct Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan – Model AER NEW Model AER by Greenheck

Featuring a cast aluminum propeller and a unique aerodynamic drive frame that helps maximize efficiency, model AER offers expanded performance up to 29,000 cfm and external static pressure up to 2.45 in. wg. Pending AMCA licensed sound and air performance. UL/cUL Listed, model AER is ideal for industrial and manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Request a Service Solution today.

Greenheck is known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of air-movement and control equipment. Its flagship ventilation products are typically found behind walls, in ductwork or on the roofs of hospitals, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, industrial plants and other commercial buildings. the highest education level Their function, basically, is to move air in, out and around a building — making life inside a lot more pleasant. Greenheck FumeJet® Roof Exhaust

If you are currently spending time and resources designing, field building, and assembling roof exhaust systems with fit checks and modifications, Greenheck’s new FumeJet® line is the solution for you. FumeJet makes roof exhaust applications easy by incorporating pre-engineered components featuring: Integral stacks Wind load ratings without guy-wires. And, third party tested performance.

The FumeJet is an installation ready, pre-engineered fan/stack assembly with options to add: A tapered discharge nozzle for higher discharge velocities. A field adjustable nozzle to change discharge area and fan performance to as built conditions. Equipment supports which are sized to fit And, restrained isolators when it is important to isolate the fan from the building Another pre-engineered mounting configuration for even easier installation includes: A curb cap and inlet box for a smaller footprint.

A backdraft damper preventing airflow back into the building And, a structural roof curb with duct support and duct drop to simplify installation with the roof deck and building ductwork. certificate of higher education level In addition to all of this, the pre-engineered FumeJet line also offers a variety of fan construction options to suit all of your commercial and industrial needs. FumeJet – Everything pre-engineered and sized – eliminating fit up issues and make installations easier, saving time and money. Contact ACP today to learn more.

While venues for accreditation are available within ACP, there are opportunities for education outside of our walls as well. Factory tours, webinars, and on-site training are all just a few ways how our leading manufacturers can educate engineers, contractors, architects, and end-users about the systems in question. Contact ACP today to learn more about these training opportunities.

The design combines a lightweight, aluminum mixed flow wheel with an industrial grade motor to provide low vibration and efficient operation. Maintenance is reduced as the motor does not require lubrication for up to one year, and if necessary, the motor can be safely serviced through a bifurcated opening without disassembling the fan.

Greenheck’s Vektor® line of laboratory exhaust systems now offers a direct drive arrangement 4 option available on VektorMH (High Plume), VektorMD (High Plume with Dilution) and (Variable Geometry Nozzle) models. level education usa Contact us for more information or Learn more here. Greenheck New Direct Drive Plenum Fan Greenheck New Direct Drive Plenum Fan

Greenheck Plenum Fans are designed and engineered to provide superior performance and reliability in commercial or industrial air handling and pressurized plenum applications. The primary benefits of housed and unhoused plenum fans are compact sizes, flexibility to supply multiple air take-offs, and the economical price.

Greenheck’s new Model APD plenum fan features a direct drive fan with the wheel connected to the motor shaft. With no fan shaft bearings or belts to maintain, Model APD eliminates the cost and maintenance associated with traditional belt drive plenum fans. Ideal for array applications in air handler retrofits or when pressurizing a plenum room, Model APD’s compact size and smaller footprint make installations easy. When combined with a VFD, air volumes can easily be matched to changing building requirements or overcome increased pressures from dirty filters. Model APD offers an operating range up to 18,000 cfm and external static pressure up to 10 in. wg. Constructed from a formed and bolted galvanized steel frame with a welded and coated 7-bladed, backward-curved steel wheel, Model APD is an excellent option as a stand-alone single fan or in parallel fan array applications.

Greenheck September 2016 Engineering Newsletter outlines how Low Sound Condenser Fans offer up to 50% reduction in radiated sound levels through their model RV & RVE rooftop ventilation systems. access to higher education level 3 diploma Learn more… Greenheck HVAC University Opportunity

At scheduled intervals, ACP has access to the Greenheck HVAC University. This is a highly interactive and educational opportunity offering over 20 possible HVAC courses. While each session can be different, all sessions offer an unforgettable classroom and practical experience. Utilizing the Bernard A. Greenheck Education Center, the Robert C. Greenheck Innovation Center, and their manufacturing facilities Greenheck educates the attendees with fundamental basics and innovative advancements. HVAC University empowers the student with knowledge to design and build better buildings! Don’t fall behind…interested in knowing more? Contact ACP.