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I’m Jonathan Kostyra, a native to Upstate South Carolina and a Greenvillian, if there is such a word, since 4th grade. I am a Realtor and Broker and have serviced the greater Greenville SC Real Estate market for 11 years now. highest level of nursing education The journey has been fun, exciting, and very rewarding!

Honestly, I usually have this standard response where I focus on certain aspects about Greenville’s vibrant economy, the low cost of living, and our amazing and award winning downtown. However, I would like to take my response a step further with this page by trying to answer the questions more with photography than words! As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words." So, let’s see how I do….

Greenville SC is nestled amid the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwestern part of South Carolina, the Upstate.

This unique southern city is ideally situated between Atlanta and Charlotte in the thriving heart of the New South. From Greenville’s cosmopolitan, award-winning downtown, which boasts the lovely new Reedy Falls Park, to the sparkling lakes and streams that are spread across the countryside, Greenville and the Upstate of South Carolina offer something special for everyone. Below are some other characteristics of Greenville that make it such an appealing place to live and call home.

Greenville’s Architecture is unique with old historic buildings lining Main Street, old converted textile warehouses now serving as office space, and older churches that dot the landscape. Main Street Downtown Greenville is pictured above and a church in downtown Greenville is pictured below, followed by the Westin and Old Courthouse on Main Street.

Greenville has been rated by Expansion Management magazine as one of the top housing markets in the nation. In addition, Greenville has been ranked by Money Magazine as one of the top 300 Best Places to Live. And Greenville has made a couple top 10 retirement destinations as well. education level by country list Is downtown Greenville walkable? Yes! Is downtown cycleable and bike and pet friend? Definitely yes.

So what is so special about Downtown Greenville? It is hard to find a clean and cosmopolitan city that offers nearly 100 restaurants, numerous art galleries/studios, boutiques, shops, scenic parks and beautiful plazas, all within a 15 minute walking distance. Greenville offers this and more. And for those who choose to live in downtown Greenville, walking to your favorite destinations can become a lifestyle.

The Greenville SC Real Estate Market offers a diverse choice of neighborhoods and types of residences, which includes everything from gracious historic districts lined with fine old oaks, to metropolitan downtown living spaces, to brand new communities in the scenic suburbs. Greater Greenville South Carolina Home prices and Real Estate prices are still very affordable with the median home value coming in around $132,500 and the median list price at $187,716 according to Zillow.

The Greater Greenville area is experiencing growth and revitalization in many different areas from Greenville’s Downtown to the superbs. If you are considering moving to the area you may want to consider relocation to our downtown or one of our townships. These include Simpsonville SC, Mauldin SC, Fountain Inn SC, Taylors, Greer, Travelers Rest, and Landrum South Carolina. education level 4 Then of course there is Greenville‘s award winning downtown which offers many new condos, town homes, and surrounding historic districts ranging in price from the 150’s to one and two million.

If you are considering a relocating to a superb, the area offers many popular neighborhoods including Augusta Road, Kingsbridge, Montebello, Hammett Creek, Thornblade (Golf), Kilgore Plantation, Asheton Lakes, Planters Row and many more. Our downtown historic districts include Park Avenue, Hampton/Pinckney, McDaniel Avenue, and Pettigrue. Augusta Road and North Main aren’t fully historic but these two communities are extremely popular downtown landing destinations for new comers and locals alike.

What about shopping in Greenville South Carolina? Greenville offers excellent shopping opportunities from trendy, downtown niche retailers on Main Street and Augusta Road, to Greenville’s remodeled Haywood Mail, to the sprawling Green Ridge Shopping Center on Woodruff Road, and to many other popular shopping locations & destinations. Members only Costco and Sam’s Club also are located on Woodruff Road.

Greenville also offers a wide selection of healthy grocers. post secondary level of education Examples include Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare, and the Fresh Market. There is a growing "get local" movement here in Greenville for locally grown foods and products as well as growing and expanding farmers markets. One of my favorite stops when cycling the Swamp Rabbit Trail happens to be a popular ‘get local store’ in downtown and is called T he Swamp Rabbit Cafe.

Greenville is tucked right up against the Blue Ridge Mountains (from a distance they have a blue tint or color), offering a host of recreational opportunities including camping, hiking, boating, kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, and touring the other mountain towns and cities like Hendersonville, Asheville, Trion, Landrum, etc. The ocean is about 3 hours drive from Greenville. a level secondary education Some local Greenvillians like to drive to Charleston or Myrtle Beach for time away.

Again if you have any of your questions about our area or about our real estate services, please give us a call. We will be happy to serve you in any way possible! 864-525-0736 or email us: To learn more about the Greenville SC Real Estate Market, please visit our homepage or call one of your licensed Greenville Realtors. The Carolina Realty Team