Gubernatorial candidates give their ideas to help fund higher education wingspan online country with highest education level

Struempf recognized the Hathaway Scholarship program as a good way for Wyoming high school graduates to fund their higher education. “The Hathaway is just incredible, so most of the high school students who do well should have at least four years of tuition paid for, which is a really great option,” he said.

“When you look at funding anything, you have to look at the big picture, you can’t just look at one component, so I kind of group education as a whole together. So, K-12 and higher education are all critical. Without quality education, both K-12 and post-secondary education, we will not be able to have the workforce that’s needed to bring industries and jobs to Wyoming. So, it’s really a huge investment in our future,” he said.

“I think community colleges can be very responsive to a wide variety of skills that are going to continually evolve over time.

It seems to me that education is starting to change a little bit, that people are starting to seek certificates for proficiencies in x, y, and z. income by education level So, having a community college platform that allows for that to happen easily and accessibly is absolutely critical,” Gordon said. “I think it’s a wonderful gateway for those who want to go on to a four-year university or master’s program.”

“It’s really important that we focus on getting more of our population, more of our students to graduate high school, and more of them to get college degrees, and with that, community colleges are critical. To get a degree doesn’t mean that they have to get a bachelor’s degree. We could get more and more community college technical degrees, like wind power maintenance, and building degrees,” he said.

“The community college is such a multi-faceted system, that it is needed very much for the continuing student that goes from high school to community college to get their associate degree, and then moves on to get their bachelors, and masters or doctorate. It’s also needed for those students who don’t want to get their bachelors, and get a wind technology or computer information systems associates, or an entrepreneur associate, where they can just go right out and start working and supporting their family,” he said.

“I’ve always said, ‘we need ENDOW now.’ Some of its aspirations are a little too far down the road,” she said. She emphasized that while the council is doing good work, elected officials should not outsource decisions to an outside council. She said the right leadership is needed to sift through the best ideas and make them happen.

The candidates share some views on how Wyoming can better retain college graduates from the University of Wyoming and community colleges. higher education worker level 6 salary All three feel that providing opportunities and jobs for recent graduates is the best way to keep them in Wyoming.

“We have world-class outdoor recreation opportunities, we need to promote those. That will also create economic opportunity,” said Throne. “We need to advertise Wyoming as a great place to live and have a family, and not just a place to visit.”

“I have said, I think the largest component of retaining our workforce is really going to come around to having a robust educational system, really K-12 all the way through. If you’re a young family, what better place to raise a family than in a place like Wyoming? You have all that great outdoor stuff, and you have communities that are accessible,” he said.

“Wyoming is beautiful, if you grow up here, you really want to stay here. But we have to make sure there are quality jobs in Wyoming, and of course creating more opportunities for businesses to grow or start up in Wyoming. So we need more entrepreneurs to create new businesses in Wyoming,” he said.

“I still believe the reason that most of the students that leave Wyoming, if just because they want to see the world before they settle down, but I believe many of them end up returning to Wyoming,” said Struempf. “They get so much knowledge and experience in other parts of the world and other industries and then they bring that knowledge and skills back to Wyoming. So, I think it’s a good thing.”

“You have to grow your economy and make it more attractive than your competitors’. It’s all about competition in my mind. You have to make your economy a better place to build businesses. level 4 higher education That’s been a major tenant of mine, is making it easier and more efficient to do business in Wyoming,” he said.

“Wyoming is one of the few states in the nation that does not have a renewable energy portfolio. what is the meaning of a level education We are number four in the nation for our wind power ability or desirability for producers; we are one of the least friendly on our policies. So we need to work harder,” he said.

“There are so many people who would like nothing more than to live here. We have to create those opportunities, and it’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to happen overnight, and there’s not one magic solution that is going to make it happen. But we know certain things. We know that having a good public education system is crucial to attracting young families, and Wyoming has a good public education system, not perfect, but good. We need to support it and enhance it and maintain a quality system.”