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Gottlieb immediately went after the Bloomberg group citing how the organization has planned to destroy gun rights by throwing money behind anti-gun legislation, candidates and organizations. Supporting Democratic state attorney generals, Gottlieb said politicians are using their platform to attack individual gun rights.

Calling out Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Gottlieb said Emmanuel’s city is evidence that stricter gun laws don’t work as they infringe law abiding gun owners rights. “Nearly 50 years after politicians enacted laws, parts of Chicago remain a shooting belt. They blame law abiding gun owners for gang related shootings,” Gottliebb said.

Gottlieb also used attacks on federal agencies to showcase how politicians are seeking to cripple gun owners. Using the Environmental Protection Agency as an example, Gottlieb explained gun owners suffer punishments like hiked taxes and limitations on ammunition as well as bans on lead, limiting gun ranges and shooting activities.

In addition to attacks on the political front, Gottlieb gun owners also face attacks internally. highest level of education completed options Citing lazy and complacent gun owners, Gottlieb also called out internet commandos who deter new gun owners from entering the Second Amendment Fight. “Internet keyboard commandos chase off people who we need in our battle,” Gottlieb said. “We’re attacking ourselves.”

Closing out his speech, Gottlieb urged gun owners to stop complacency and join the fight to preserve gun rights. “Complacency is a threat to gun owners. Complacent gun owners think the fight is over. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Executive director of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt, delivered remarks for the Federal Affairs Briefing in which he described 2018’s activities on gun rights as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,” a reference to the famous Clint Eastward western.

He also praised Republicans passing a national reciprocity bill, which would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry across state lines, in the House of Representatives. a level of education Out of that, he said his organization identified a “hero,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan for leading 25 other Republicans to advance the bill. He said GOA will support him as speaker to replace current House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan, who will retire at the end of this year’s session.

For the bad, Pratt also slammed “spineless” Republicans in the Senate for failing to pass the national reciprocity bill and for federal lawmakers advancing red flag laws, which are designed to keep potentially dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms. He said such laws could be easily abused.

For the ugly, he warned of bump stock bans and the passing of Fix NICS legislation. Last year, President Trump directed federal regulators to re-write interpretations to effectively ban bump stocks, a device that allows a rifle to mimic full auto fire. The device became a subject of debate after a it was used to murder 58 people and injure some 850 others by a single gunman in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017.

Although the Fix NICS bill largely directed more funding to the federal background check system and had the support of mainstream gun rights organizations, Pratt said the legislation will allow the system to have “a lot more innocence being denied gun rights.”

Kicking off the first session of the State Legislative Affairs Briefing, speakers went after specific legislation that aims to prevent gun owners from exercising their “legal rights.” Starting in New York and expanding out to California, attendees were informed of specific legislation hampering gun owners in restrictive states.

Cushman said though New York politics may not seem like an issue for gun owners in other states, what passes on the local level has a chance of moving to the Senate level and influencing other states’ laws as well as federal legislation. In his speech, Cushman applauded the work of the NRA and their Eddie Eagle program which has helped push back acts like the Safe Storage Act

While Cushman covered New York legislation, Craig DeLuz, of CalGuns Foundation, offered details on the plight of Californians. Behind what he termed “enemy lines,” DeLuz called California anti-gun politicians tyrannical for attacking civilians civil rights in order to rid the state of guns.

Parkland was a theme in the second legislative affairs briefing mid-morning. Stepping up to bat first was Sean Caranna, founder and co-executive director of FloridaCarry, who said his home state of Florida become the new battleground for state’s rights after Parkland. Addressing the crowd, Caranna emphasized how the political climate has changed since the school shooting in February, pushing his organization to fight harder for Floridian’s gun rights.

Caranna laid out the provisions that are actively working against Florida gun owners. the education level of the unemployed Legislation such as red flag laws and mental health reform that limits gun ownership or removes it from segments of the population have been pushed through the state by surprising gun control advocates. Anti-gun Republicans have recently been crossing traditional party lines to form an alliance with groups like Everytown to limit gun rights.

Caranna was quick to point out that, in the case of Parkland, the failure was not on gun owners but on law enforcement officials who did not adequately investigate reports against the shooter; therefore, gun owners should not pay the penalty. Though Florida gun advocates agree that mental health reform is needed to prevent senseless shootings, Caranna said the key is to educate mental health providers in addition to providing due process for legal owners as well as those who have sought help and reformed.

Jim Wallace, executive director of Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts, took the mic to push the issue of Parkland and its failures on the mental health and law enforcement levels. Pointing the finger at the Parkland anti-gun protestors, Wallace said the teens leading the march against guns should be focusing efforts on mental health reform at the Congressional level as opposed to innocent gun owners.