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Hedlok was created by ARMS Laboratories as part of their "Wearable Weapons" project, the purpose of which was to create powerful sparring partners for fighters to hone their skills against. It is the follow-up to a prototype armor of sorts that fit over the body, which can still be seen in the background of the DNA Lab stage; [1] however, Dr. Coyle, the overseer of the project, believed that ordinary humans would not be able to effectively control all the ARMS the prototype offered, so Hedlok was constructed instead, with the ability to override the mind of its wearer. [2] A partially assembled prototype of Hedlok can be seen in [NAME REDACTED].

Hedlok is a metallic mask with a large mouth lined with yellow teeth, and two ARMS protruding from either side of it. It has no body but clamps onto the heads of other fighters to take control of them.

Its glowing red eyes have spiraled irises. The level 8 Hedlok in the fifth Party Crash and beyond is gold instead of silver, has green eyes instead of red ones, and silver teeth instead of gold.

When fighting Hedlok, it will fight with all six of its ARMS (Two sets of three, with each ARM on one side being of the same kind). Because of this, players who attempt to attack it recklessly will wind up having their punch deflected by one of its ARMS and being hit by another, making Hedlok extremely difficult to damage. Similarly, it performs three grabs (one for each pair of ARMS) when executing a grab. Rather than unleashing a barrage of attacks with its ARMS, its Rush attack is unique: it fires a large energy blast from its mouth that barrels forward at high speed before exploding, capable of dealing more than 500 damage if the player is hit by all of it. Like other Rush attacks, it can be blocked but the speed of the energy blast makes the timing for a block difficult.

Uniquely, in solo Grand Prix, Hedlok is just attrached to Max Brass or Dr. what is secondary level education in us Coyle with thier signature ARMs. Take out a normal fight in 1000 HP, with faster rush gauge only. The fighter’s arm must punches first, the corresponding arms will just follow punching. However in co-op Grand Prix and VS Hedlok in Party Match & Party Crash, Hedlok will turn his head in different directions and punches with his free will, so he could engage 2 to 3 players with seperate arms. His health would also doubles or triples, with super armor that never flinch & halve the damages(only knocked down by grab or rush attacks). The ultimate Hedlok level 8 has 4000 health when against 3 players.

Hedlok is the final opponent in the Grand Prix mode after Max Brass from difficulty level 4 upwards. Upon defeating Max Brass, Hedlok descends from above, brainwashing Max and triggering one final fight. Hedlok will have access to Max Brass’s signature ARMS and will change them between rounds like other fighters.

However, in the newest update, upon reaching the finale from levels 6 and 7, Dr. teacher role at higher education level is to Coyle will appear and knock Max Brass out, and the player will fight her instead. After Coyle is defeated, she will summon Hedlok herself, and will allow Hedlok to latch onto her, triggering the Grand Prix’s final battle. After the two are defeated, Hedlok will deactivate. Dr. Coyle then takes off Hedlok, calls him "Useless!", and destroys him. Dr. Coyle says "I could’ve won" in frustration, then disappears, and Max Brass returns and flexes his muscles like in the ending for a lower difficulty, and the Awards Ceremony proceeds normally.

Hedlok is the final opponent that must be fought in 1-on-100, [3] attaching itself to one of The Cell. If the player is not at full health, a thermos of HP Juice will be dropped in for them to heal shortly before Hedlok’s appearance. Hedlok’s ARMS will always be the first signature ARM of the fighter the player is using.

Hedlok is the namesake of the VS Hedlok mode, seen in Party Match, being the primary opponent players must fight against in it (up to three Fighters can take part). It can use any combination of fighter and ARMS. In order to win, it must be defeated before the timer runs out, even if it has less health than the players fighting it. It is affected by items just like normal fighters, allowing it to be damaged or healed, and it can use a special. The difficulty of the fight is linked to either difficulty level 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 from Grand Prix, as indicated next to its name. Also, in the fifth Party Crash and beyond, a level 8 Hedlok can be fought. education level survey He acts like a regular Hedlok, but it has much harder difficulty, its arms are perma-charged, it won’t flinch, his rush gauge charges very quick, and when its rush gauge is full, it can combo a rush into its grab.

• Hedlok has three separate sets of victory poses—two used in Grand Prix mode, one where it stays attached to Max Brass and laughs triumphantly, and one where it laughs while attached to Dr. Coyle, added in 5.0.0. similarly to when it is attached to Max Brass, and one used in 1-on-100 and VS Hedlok where it detaches from the fighter it was using and flies towards the screen.