Highland middle school – 310 w. rockland rd. libertyville, il 60048 motivational and inspirational quotes for students

Across the country majority of middle school students describe their school as segregated or full of cliques. Is that true for highland? Next time you’re in the cafeteria, take a look at the table next to yours. Do you know everyone that sits there? Have you ever had the opportunity to get to know them? Did you take it? If not, mix it up day is your chance! Let’s break the clique barriers and learn to understand and respect one another rather than label and judge. Step out of your comfort zone and meet someone new. Mix it up day is coming on october 23rd. Get ready to make your difference at highland. Everybody has the right to belong and feel included. Mix it up day is a step toward making that happen. To start off our inclusive spirit week, monday will be hat day! Wear your favorite hat!

Attention students who ride a bicycle to school, you are reminded that all bicycles must be walked when on school property. Students at highland middle school who choose to ride their bikes should chain and lock them to the bike rack located at the west end of the school. Students riding bicycles to school are expected to follow the libertyville bicycle safety rules and the state of illinois "rules of the road" when riding to and from school. Failure to follow these guidelines could lead to school consequences.

Highland family association and cluckers are teaming up for a dine and donate night wednesday, october 24th from 5-8pm at the libertyville cluckers (536 N milwaukee ave). Dine in or carry out (847-362-2582). Cluckers will be giving the HFA 20% of all sales made during this time. Inspirational quotes for students graduating high school they will also be having specials on cluckers favorites! Any questions feel free to contact michelle sieks ( msieks@yahoo.Com)

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone, took a risk, dared to be different? Chances are that it’s been awhile because people tend to stick with what they know and what makes them comfortable. Inspirational quotes for students with pictures what would happen if we mixed it up? Took a risk and did something unfamiliar? Well, that’s exactly what thousands of schools across the country, including here at highland, will encourage on mix it up at lunch day – which this year we will be tuesday, october 23rd. Students often identify the cafeteria as the place where divisions are most clearly drawn. So on mix it up day, we ask students to move out of their comfort zones and connect with someone new over lunch. It’s a simple act with profound results. When students interact with those who are different from them, social barriers can fall away. Let mix it up day be the chance you take to try something new. This year we will also be incorporating an inclusive spirit week along with mix it up day. The purpose is to build school spirit, encourage intergroup relationships, unity and to have fun! Look around the building for posters with more information, and tune in to the announcements to learn more!

Hello highland, lets have trivia tuesday on wednesday this week. Here is the question. Where was jack andraka born? Please visit the learning center website to submit your answer. Good luck and have a great day!! Why did cinderella get kicked off the volleyball team; because she ran away from the ball. Don’t be like cinderella. Get your teams together today for the student vs staff volleyball tournament! Please remember to turn in your volleyball team and volunteering forms to mrs. Rosen in room 121. Each person on your team needs to turn in a form and an entry fee to play. All forms are due on wednesday october 24th. The first 16 teams with complete paperwork will participate in the tournament. Remember, don’t be like cinderella, turn in your volleyball forms!

October is breast cancer awareness month. Every wednesday we will have an inspiration quote for you. We support and honor everyone who is going through breast cancer, the survivors, and everyone affected by this disease. Today’s quote is "breast cancer changes you, and the change can be beautiful".

In a commitment to new statewide accountability and support, the 2018 illinois school report card will take on new areas of concentration when released in late october. Reinstating the work of the no child behind act, the every student succeeds act (ESSA), signed into law in 2015 by president barack obama, offers credence to student growth and graduation rates, accounting for fifty percent of how schools are evaluated, and carrying with it a 15-year timeline.

Transitioning from a spotlight focused on standardized test scores, multiple indicators of students’ success will be used to assess school quality. Inspirational quotes for graduation ceremony in addition to standardized tests, comprehensive indicators will include academic growth, chronic absenteeism, english learner proficiency, fine arts participation, school climate survey summaries, science measures, as well as preschool to second grade and elementary/ middle-grade indicators. The system also measures the academic progress of individual student demographic groups across the inclusive indicators. High school indicators comprise college entrance examination (SAT) success, as well as graduation accountability.

Using these balanced indicators, as defined through ESSA, a set of four tiers have been designated to reflect individual school performance; exemplary, commendable, underperforming/comprehensive, and lowest performing/targeted, with funding and support services aligned to the most challenged or struggling of schools.

In an era of increased accountability, high expectations, and advanced demands, schools around the state will take time to recognize the extraordinary efforts of school leaders during principal appreciation week, october 21-27. This week, and throughout the school year, I offer my sincere gratitude for the leadership and dedication offered by the libertyville school district 70 principals, assistant principals and dean of students. A proclamation signed by gov. Rauner highlights the important role of school administrators in education and their support toward the growth of children in elementary, middle, and secondary schools across the state of illinois.

As we celebrate our district 70 leaders during principal appreciation day on friday, oct. 26, 2018, I am tremendously thankful and incredibly proud of all that they do for the children, parents, and staff throughout our learning community. Please join me in sharing recognition of this distinctive day and the collective efforts portrayed by such an impressive school leadership team.