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He’s been teaching IELTS, TOEFL, general english and business english for over 15 years. He’s taught in academies in ho chi minh city, vietnam, in qinhuangdao, china and in jakarta and surabaya, indonesia. Journal american college cardiology he was also a cambridge oral examiner and interlocutor in indonesia. He has worked online teaching IELTS for 2 years.

I am a native speaker from england, educated to degree level (B.Sc hons) at an english university. Following graduation, I worked as a technical consultant reporting to large private companies and local and regional governments in asia, africa, europe and australasia. Both before and since graduation, I have travelled widely around the world by sea, air and overland. I am comfortable communicating with boards of directors or nervous graduating students.

Hello. I am hady marie baldon.

An english teacher. I am 23 years old and I graduated from a japanese school called mindanao kokusai daigaku in davao city, philippines with a bachelor degree majoring in english. I have lived and studied abroad in the UK for 3 ½ years and in newzealand for 4 ½ years before coming back to the philippines to finish off my degree. I have a TESOL certificate which enables me to teach different places in asia. I have taught koreans, japanese, and chinese online for 3 years. I have also taught different levels and ages. I also did a part time job teaching english one on one to japanese students who came to the philippines to study english. I already have vast range of experiences teaching english ranging from different kind of courses such as IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN, business course and children’s lessons. My previous job was teaching IELTS for almost 2 years to japanese students and I was able to help them reach their target scores. American university washington dc ranking I love teaching english and it has always been my passion. I do hope that I can help you achieve your goals to study abroad by getting your target score. I can teach you many strategies and tips on how to improve your speaking skills as well as gaining confidence.

I took IELTS 4 times in 2016. At the time I tried skype speaking lessons for a month with a teacher whose style wasn’t fit for me. The lessons were mainly focused on making out scripts and correcting them. I found out that it was so boring and memorizing scripts didn’t help me at all. I was stuck in 6.0~6.5 and never got my target score 7.0 in speaking. A year later, I read a review of IELTS guaranteed in an IELTS forum and started lessons with dan. He immediately figured out my habitual problem of speaking and helped me concentrate on correcting it. He suggested different point of views and ideas when I was struggling and gave lots of tips on how to tell a story and practise effectively. Washington university football he also encouraged me a lot in what I was good at, which help me gain confidence. Above all, mock tests done in every lesson made me not nervous in the real speaking test. After 30 lessons with dan, I got my result that I really needed, 7.0 in speaking and overall 8.0. I was so happy with the score that I sent him a message first to say ‘thank you’. I highly recommend IELTS guaranteed and I can surely say that it will guarantee your target score.

I am in my early 30s and have been quite interested in english since when I was in middle school. Although I have studied english for fifteen years, and have been pretty confident of my abilities in english, I figured that it was not possible to achieve high scores in the writing and speaking modules of IELTS without a strategic approach. That was when I chose to contact dan, and he introduced angus, who is a native british-english speaker. I loved his classes because I was able to learn speaking, getting used to british accent as well as getting to know issues regarding various topics. I could sense my “language switch” being turned on, as having a great time just like when I talk to my friends. I also loved his fast and simple feedback in the writing tasks. After one-month class was over, I took my first test immediately, but I could not get the best scores since I had butterflies in my stomach. American university admissions in the next test I took one and a half months later without any further studying, I was totally relaxed and able to be myself, and got 8.5/8.5/7.5/8.5 in L/R/W/S, with the overall score of 8.5! Thanks angus! 🙂