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In the management window you can see the values of your Homestead. When the Homestead has enough experience to level up, the Up button will light up and clicking it will bring your Homestead to the next level. The Homestead will not level up automatically. If you do not manually click the Up button, the Homestead will continue to accumulate experience without leveling up.

Below your Homestead values, you can see your resources and the Exchange button which allows you to trade materials at a 1:2 ratio. This is useful for when you’re running low on certain materials but have an excess of others and want to craft an item.

Settings allow you to control who can enter your Homestead and whether you want to allow your spouse to manage your Homestead. In the settings you can also re-name your Homestead by using a Bloom Whisper Stone from the Boutique.

A free Bloom Whisper Stone is given to players after completing the initial Homestead quests.

The Codex opens up a the list of craft-able Homestead items. Here you can find information for each craft-able item such as what level Workshop and what mastery is required to obtain their recipes, the amount of materials they need and what is their Prosperity range. The Codex is also used for setting Valuable Assets for Prosperity or for finding Contractors for specific items by clicking on Search Contractor at the bottom right of the Codex interface.

You can gain Prosperity by crafting items from different categories. higher education level 5 Each item offers a random amount of Prosperity out of its Prosperity range. You can assign different items as Valuable Assets to raise or lower your Prosperity. Click M at the top left and open the Codex. Here you can select an item for each category and set it as a Valuable Asset. You can only get Prosperity for one item per category. You cannot change Valuable Assets during the time that you have a Contract up.

Cleanness allows your Homestead facilities to work, and if it reaches 0 your facilities will stop producing Cerise Gems and materials. Cleanness can be restored by using Cerise Gems, coins or a combination of the two. You can do this by clicking M in the Homestead interface and then "Add" next to Cleanness in the management window. Your Homestead will lose a certain amount of Cleanness every day after the server resets. If your Homestead has high Prosperity, then more Cerise Gems or coins will be required to restore it.

Fragrance Garden and Charger’s Paradise are important facilities that produce Cerise Gems. You can plant seeds in the garden, and place animals in the paradise. After a certain amount of time passes, which is dependent on which type of seeds and animals were used, you can harvest. level completed education After harvesting you will gain Homestead experience, Cerise Gems and Minion pouches.

Higher level animals and seeds give better experience, more Cerise Gems, and better Minion pouches. You can level up your Fragrance Garden and Charger’s Paradise to get even more experience and Cerise Gems per harvest. This will become important at higher Homestead levels when larger amounts of Cerise Gems will be required.

The Heavenly Creation Workshop and the Wonder Market are the facilities from which you can craft items. The Heavenly Creation Workshop is for crafting items related to your Workshop‘s mastery. The Wonder Market is for crafting trees, flowers and trophy statues.

After you level up your Workshop to level 2, you have to choose a mastery. This will decide which recipes you can obtain from your daily Delivery quests. Regardless of what you choose, you will never be able to craft everything you need. what is o level education This makes it important to work together with other players that have a different mastery than you.

You can place a contract in your Workshop and other players can come into your Homestead and craft it. This way players can craft items even if they don’t have the recipes. When players craft items from your Homestead, you gain Homestead experience and your Homestead energy will be consumed, but it consumes the other player’s materials.

The Galleries are facilities the produce materials (resources) which are required for crafting items. The Galleries will only produce materials for as long as they have been fueled with Cerise Gems. They can be filled for up to 36 hours. You can refill them any time you want as long you have Cerise Gems. The amount of materials the buildings generate depends on their level. Higher level Gallries require more Cerise Gems.

You can obtain a Cornucopia for your Homestead by taking the quest from the NPC Gold Bowl of Wonder at West Archosaur. This gives you a recipe to craft it. Enter your Homestead and right click the recipe in your inventory. You can now craft the Cornucopia at your Wonder Market.

From the same NPC, you can buy different types Red Envelopes. By placing Red Envelopes with your coin or Gold in the Cornucopia, other players can enter your Homestead and pick up an envelope with a random amount of coin or Gold. As an example, if you placed 20,000,000 coins and 50 Red Envelopes, the first player that picks up an envelope will get a random amount between 1 coin and 19,999,999 coins. level 8 education Each player can only pick once. The last player that picks up a envelope will always get the remaining coins.

Homestead Quests are daily and have their own separate quest log. Press the Q at the top left corner of your Homestead interface to bring up the Homestead quest log. Homestead Collection and Handbook quests will not auto-complete. education o level You will have to manually complete them under the Complete tab.

Under the Delivery tab of your Homestead quest log you will see a quest called "Gardening Manual Page". After accepting this quest, you will get a list of Wonder Market related quests. If your Wonder Market is level 1, you will only see one option. Higher level Wonder Markets will have more options, each one corresponding to a certain level. Accepting one of the quests and completing it, will reward you with a random recipe for a tree or a flower of the corresponding level. Gardening quests usually require you to find and talk to a specific NPC or to find a specific location with the aid of a treasure map.

If your Workshop is above level 2, you will have a Handbook quest, named after your Workshop’s mastery (Construction Handbook, Decoration Handbook, Furniture Handbook or Handcraft Handbook). Handbook quests usually require you to kill monsters or bosses in Dungeons. The only exception are the Novice quests which require you to deliver a backpack to a certain NPC.