How left is too left kansas democrats duke it out in must-win district university of kansas athletics

Labor lawyer brent welder has staked out his position as the unapologetic progressive in the race. Kansas city devry university he drew national headlines friday when vermont sen. Bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez, who defeated house democratic caucus chairman joseph crowley in a new york primary last month, rallied with him and his supporters in kansas city.

Welder’s team believes his ideological base as one of the candidates furthest to the left will help him win the primary. He also has a geographic base in kansas city in wyandotte county, where his campaign is headquartered. Wyandotte is more diverse, and also one of the poorest counties in the state. University of kansas basketball game most of the 3rd district votes come from johnson county, the wealthiest in the state.

Welder said he offers a stark contrast to yoder. He supports a single-payer health care system and a $15 minimum wage, and refuses corporate PAC money.

The latter earned him the backing of end citizens united, a group that supports a campaign finance overhaul.

Davids said she would vote for a single-payer system if elected, but thinks that’s a few election cycles away. Niermann is open to all options that lead to universal health care, but more immediately, he wants to address rising health care costs, which he believes will need to be done in a bipartisan way.

Niermann has emphasized local endorsements, including from republican state sen. North kansas city colorado technical university barbara bollier, and his connections to the community as a longtime teacher. He often discusses education, a hot-button issue in kansas amid unpopular spending cuts, and is launching a second television ad focused on education this week.

All three are on the airwaves, with niermann and welder airing their own campaign ads, and EMILY’s list up with one for davids. Kansas university endowment if elected, she would be the first native american congresswoman and one of the few openly gay women in congress.

Williams’ campaign manager kelly kultala, a former state senator who lost to yoder in 2014, said voters in the district are “down to earth,” “pragmatic” and “family-oriented,” and they’ll be drawn to williams. The campaign is also heavily targeting female primary voters with mail pieces.

The two other candidates in the race include 2016 nominee jay sidie and mike mccamon, who had been advising former 3rd district candidate andrea ramsey’s campaign. A onetime front-runner, ramsey dropped out of the race last year amid sexual harassment allegations, and backed welder.

But the incumbent may not be that easy to dislodge. University of kansas tuition rates republicans are confident he has effectively distanced himself from president donald trump on issues such as trade and immigration. Inside elections with nathan L. Gonzales rates the race leans republican.

Burdett loomis, a university of kansas political science professor who briefly worked for former democratic gov. Kathleen sebelius, wasn’t so sure. He noted that the energy in the democratic party coming from its left flank could change the general election dynamics.

Still, the debate over democratic tactics and general election strategy is a new one for primary voters in the 3rd district. Veteran democrats like wagnon and kultala said this was the most competitive party primary for the seat in recent memory.