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The process of business closure in the philippines depends on the type of the company to be ceased. For corporations and partnerships, they should be formally close in the securities and exchange commission (SEC) where they are also registered, unlike sole proprietorship businesses that are not. There are also businesses that should comply with the closure requirements of other government agencies, where they are specially regulated. For example, pawnshops are also required to be closed in bangko sentral ng pilipinas (BSP), where they are also governed or regulated.

Businesses can also be closed voluntarily or involuntarily. Voluntary closure generally means the business owner close the business in his or her own will, usually complying with applicable business regulations. On the other hand, involuntary closure means the business is closed due to events, such as failure to comply with the law or regulations and the government or court has ordered to close the business.

In this article, we assume that the business owner is voluntarily closing the business.

• board resolution/partnership agreement for the cancellation of the registered business name stating that the corporation/partnership is retiring from business; surrendering the business name certificate for cancellation and that at the time of closure of establishment the business has no outstanding financial obligation, or a certified copy of the certificate of dissolution (if applicable)

• board resolution/partnership agreement for the cancellation of the registered business name, stating the reason/s for the cancellation that the corporation/partnership has no outstanding financial obligation at the time of closure in connection with the operation of the said business and if there were creditors copy of notice to them

The procedures and requirements on closing a business may vary among different lgus (local government units). This means that the requirements for business cessation in makati city can be different in manila or pasay city. The typical requirements for business closure at the lgus are the following:

If your business has employees or was required to be registered with the DOLE, you also have to ensure that you notify the DOLE office and comply with the labor requirements to avoid labor relation liabilities. The following are the basic requirements in closing a business and be cleared at the DOLE office:

The process of business cessation at the BIR is perhaps the most tedious one among others. And if you have unpaid tax liabilities or delinquencies due to the government, the process could even get more problematic. Among the government offices, where your business is registered, the BIR is the one which records and monitors your internal revenue taxes, such as income and business taxes (value added tax or percentage tax). And to formally close and clear your business with the BIR, the bureau has to ensure that you have already paid all your tax obligations.

For corporations and partnerships, they cannot process closure of business with the SEC if they are not yet done in securing tax clearance from the BIR and endorsements or certificate of registration cancellation from other government offices, if applicable. American university scholarships thus, even though the business is already non-operating, it still remains as a registered business. Though, the business owners, partners, or shareholders can already start the liquidation process of its assets, subject to applicable taxes.

For corporations, corporate dissolution can be voluntary or involuntary. In this discussion, we assume that we are voluntarily dissolving a corporation. Moreover, voluntary dissolution of a corporation may have different procedures, depending on whether the dissolution will affect creditors or not. One way to voluntarily dissolve a corporation with the SEC is by shortening its corporate term. The following are the requirements for corporate dissolution by shortening its term.

1. Directors’ certificate – A notarized document signed by majority of the directors and corporate secretary certifying the amendment of the articles of incorporation shortening the corporate term, the votes of the directors and stockholders thereto, and the date and place of the stockholders meeting

When closing a business in the philippines, we have to formally close the business in the government agencies where it is registered. We have to notify those offices and comply with their requirements to get a clearance or certificate of termination (cancellation of registration) of our business. Thus, a business owner has to ensure that his or her business is cleared in every government agency it is registered aside from the ones discussed above.

For businesses registered and regulated by the bangko sentral ng pilipinas (BSP), such as pawnshops, money changers, banks, and financing companies, they have to comply with the closure requirements of the office. For cooperatives, instead of closure at the SEC, it should comply with the CDA (cooperative development authority) office for cessation or dissolution.

Furthermore, if your business employs people and is contributing to SSS (social security system), PHIC (philippine health insurance corporation) and HDMF (home development mutual fund) for employees as mandated by our laws, then you also have to apply for cancellation of your business or employer’s registration when you close your business to stop your obligation as a contributing employer.

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I am part of a partnership business that me and my 2 other partners would like to close, but unfortunately the original articles of partnership and other certificates are being held by one of our partners who is very incompetent and always unavailable. I fear that our desire to dissolve the business might go unprocessed or probably take too long because of him. It is only a small business but never really earned or operated, just registered and usually filed as “no operation /no sales” in our monthly BIR tax forms. In short, our business does not operate nor earn anything since it was created in SEC, and the relationship of partners has gone sour and unavailable at most times, being the reason of our decision to dissolve it.

I would like to ask, what would be our problems or liabilities in the future if we fail to dissolve it and just stop filing forms in BIR? Have you known any stories of people who has been severely penalized or jailed for not closing a small almost non-operational business like ours?

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