How to crack the code that unlocks you lance wallnau earning potential by education level

What is convergence? It is the technical word researchers use to describe what many have called “destiny.” Years ago I had the privilege ofteaching a graduate class at the same time as the renowned Dr. Robert “Bobby” Clinton. a level of education He was talking about convergence—and the term sparked something in me. Spanning a 30-year period at Fuller Theological Seminary, Clinton is the only academic I am aware of who compiled data on destiny. That makes his commentary on “destiny” more valuable than any source I know.

3. Do you know this seasons assignment? Notice, I said “this season” assignment, because the convergence zone is entered throughout your life in a series of promotions from one assignment to the next. You will change career paths at least four times – and each life stage has endings and beginnings connected to your assignments.

What’s your assignment right now?

This last point about assignments is important and may need a future blog post. I used to hyper focus on the issue of convergence as a goal wrapped up in one significant life stage…. at the end of life, but not anymore. highest level of education completed options Every season is an invitation to convergence at the level of “being” if not fully in the work you are “doing.”

At the end of your life only one thing will matter: Did you do the thing God put you on earth to do? Did you finish the work (credit delaney)? Did you become all that you were gifted and capable of becoming? Jesus was only 33 when he summarized his life in a final prayer: “Father, I have finished the work You have given me to do.”

Therefore, the most important question you will ever answer is: “What is the work you are called to do?” I am going to show you how to get total laser like clarity. I don’t want you to be in that 80% company who never crack The Convergence CodeTM in fact, I want you to be code crackers for others! 201 Comment | | Tweet Tweet | print Print | email Email

Wow…I am so consistently amazed at how the spirit works in our lives….right now in this season I have been hearing the very words….new beginnings, new opportunitys and asking questions around this part of the process, how to move forward etc etc,I have only recently joined your community Lance but the timing of it is divine, I have a rare business opportunity that has come my way of which is also divine timing, I’m just sitting back and watching all these divine connections taken place and in the process just seeing from a place of rest and peace.

On one hand it’s almost too good to be true, the reality is though that’s exactly what the father has for me and always planned for it to be this way! I’m so thankful for your revelatory and prophetic insights I don’t know how one gets a chance to talk with you, but as I have this very unique business opportunity in front of me right now and even the timing of your book Success Keys to 2013 is just incredibly outrageously divine, I wonder how we might connect as I would be honored to share with you this opportunity as I’m sure you would be as excited to hear it and knowing your prophetic nature I would be very interested to hear your perspective….either way Lance I thank you your genuinely amazing I look forward to coming to one of your retreats in Mexico one day soon…..

I came away from a Destiny Conference at the Airport in Toronto disappointed because I still didn’t know what my Destiny was…. and the Holy Spirit arrested me in the parking lot on the way to my car and said, “You are called to take people, places, and things to their next level.” That was it. education level some college My destiny is what I have been doing all my life…. I LOVE helping people, taking on challenging projects and tasks… I am a master at doing the most you can with what you have!

And now… I”m re-inventing myself, resurrecting parts of a consulting company I closed down in July 2009 to care for my parents until they passed away. Finding you, your teachings, along with Dr. Myles Munroe, Gary Keesee, and Dani Johnson, to mention a few I am encouraged to rise up and take my place again where I LOVE to be… and it is my Destiny… it’s all that I love to do that gives me the most energy, life, excitement, ‘quickening’ and a feeling that this is what I’m born to do.

I’m just developing a blog and formating my 25 years of consulting, instructing, public speaking and publishing materials into digital eproducts. I need lots of wisdom and the learning curve for the tech stuff is high… but ‘I HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST’ and I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! Hallelujah!