How to make your vagina smell good – american college athens

If you watch almost any TV at all, you’ll see commercials about your vagina–and how it needs to smell better. Ugh, I know, right?! There’s a whole industry built around maintaining our lady parts. There are wipes, douches, sprays and more that promise to help us feel, well, fresher. They have fragrant names like fresh garden dew and essence of vanilla ice cream fantasy.

Newsflash! There is nothing on your body that was made to smell like a friggin’ garden–or vanilla ice cream, for that matter. Your vagina, vulva, clitoris and other parts that comprise your reproductive organs are supposed to smell like YOU.

At this point you may be glazing over and thinking, “homegirl, that’s all good, but you promised tips on cleaning my stinky vajayjay!” listen up, buttercup. Unless there is something medically wrong, your vagina will not stink if you bathe daily.

It might not smell like a grapefruit salad down there, but um, it’s not supposed to!

This is a fact: we don’t need to douche or perfume our privates, in fact, doing so can actually hurt us. The american college of pediatricians the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists has confirmed that douching is unhealthy. The doctors put it best when they say that the vagina is a “self cleaning oven.” the word douche means to wash in french. You can do just that with good old soap and H20–don’t need to stick some weird plastic thing up there to make it happen!

Okay, so you know you don’t need to douche your vagina, but why is it so bad to do if you want to? Here’s the thing: a healthy vagina has both good and bad bacteria in it. That’s right (hello, science class!) there are microscopic organisms in our private parts. The balance of harmless and potentially bad bacteria maintain a healthy environment in your body. The vagina is a perfect ecosystem with just the right amount of acidity.

When you douche, you can majorly upset this balance and allow an overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria. This can cause medical issues like yeast infections–yuck! If you do have a vaginal infection, douching can push the bacteria up into your uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes, causing a really big mess.

To be clear, those perfume sprays and fragrances created for the vag are equally as craptastic. If the man (ad agencies) convinces us that something is wrong with the natural smells of our bodies then they can sell us ways to fix it and make mega moola. But by changing our scent down there, we’re actually masking the natural scents that make us . . . US, and that our sexual partners are biologically turned-on by. (that’s right, even if it smells like, WHATEVER to you, it probs smells good to your cuddle buddy.) if things seem really smelly or you notice a new and unusual vaginal odor or discharge, see your doctor to make sure that everything is okay.

Washing with mild soap is the best way to avoid any perceived crotch funk–stay away from harsh deodorizing soaps and exfoliating bars down there–youch! In addition, breathable natural-fiber undies allow air to flow to your vagina, reducing sweat and moisture. Drinking lots of water is also necessary for a healthy, functioning body. If you’re fanatical, panty liners can also be worn and then discarded to keep undies fresh. Plus, it hasn’t been scientifically proven, but many women swear that eating tons of fruits and veggies makes them smell better. University of america bonus? More fruits and veggies are a great way to show your body love either way.

Speak for yourself. If you rub your fingers together until dry, and the smell is like pus, then you may have chlamydia or gonnorhea. I say this because sometimes this is the only symptom. Top universities for physics I have given oral to many different women. Some have no smell at all, and it’s awesome. Put a little perfume on the inner thigh, but not on the vagina, and there is not deterrent from giving multiple o’s. If there is a slight odour, then I avoid inserting anything into the vagina – means more teasing and clit action. If there is a strong odour, try having a shower first. If the odour is always strong, especially if it is “fishy” it could be vaginal bacteriosis which is common and is just an imbalance of bacteria. Wear cotton panties and let the area get plenty of air. Wear skirts for a while. Synthetics especially plastics are bad for making it smell. That goes for guys too. Also if your thighs are always together because of weight, it will be harder to keep the odour in check. The area needs to breathe. For foods, both men and women benefit from citrus foods because of the acidity and acid is sweet. Base is bitter which is why many women don’t like to take it in the mouth. Also ladies make sure your partner keeps his penis, hands, and mouth clean. American university gym it is very easy to disrupt the natural environment when a man cums in a woman because it raises the ph a little. Have fun!