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Though methamphetamine manufacturing activity in kentucky consists mostly of small, unsophisticated clandestine laboratories producing limited amounts of methamphetamine, this activity is expected to expand rapidly in the near future in terms of both the number of labs and their size/sophistication.

Kentucky methamphetamine production is a simple process taught among violators and dominated by caucasians in the lower social and economic classes, including former marijuana cultivators, who are beginning to realize the greater profit margin and diminished threat from law enforcement posed by methamphetamine production versus marijuana cultivation.

As they had done in tennessee, mexican organizations first infiltrate the market by offering high-quality methamphetamine at low prices, amassing a large customer base that comes to prefer the superior product they offer over locally produced "hillbilly meth."

A regional newspaper, the lexington herald-leader, surveyed five eastern kentucky substance abuse treatment centers, which reported a 288 percent increase in the number of narcotics abusers seeking treatment from 1998 through 2001. Top universities engineering these figures are substantially greater than the national average.

A 12-hour time-released variant of the generic opioid oxycodone, oxycontinâ® is available in strengths ranging from 10 to 80 milligrams, each tablet of which is sold illicitly at a street value of approximately $2.50 per milligram (over ten times the drug’s legitimate purchase price).

Investigators in eastern kentucky note an increase of oxycontinâ® being imported into the state from mexico, where local traffickers obtain (legal) prescriptions from mexican doctors, then carry the maximum allowable quantity across the border for distribution in the appalachia HIDTA.

Anecdotal information from across the nation, and especially from the states surrounding kentucky such as virginia, ohio, indiana, and pennsylvania, suggests that oxycontinâ® abusers may switch to heroin and/or methadone in response to a diminished availability of oxycontin in a given region.

Along with growing conditions, the national forest, as a result of its timber practices, has opened a canopy for new marijuana growth in numerous areas where the sunlight penetrates the forest floor. Washington university scholarships as a result, marijuana plots in the national forest are found in various locations from bottomlands, on hillsides, and to the tops of mountains, with the regeneration areas being an especially popular spot for growers.

Aside from ideal locations for marijuana plots, growers often plant their crops on public lands, such as national forests, in an effort to draw greater protection from personal and/or financial loss due to asset forfeiture procedures, should they be apprehended.

Far more marijuana is cultivated in kentucky than the local market consumes. Best 10 universities in the world additionally, anecdotal information from cities such as detroit, philadelphia, washington D.C., new york city, etc., suggests that kentucky marijuana is prized in those markets.

This program was conceived in 1999 in response to the threat posed by drug trafficking organizations that have established networks of cells to conduct drug trafficking operations in smaller, non-traditional trafficking locations in the united states.