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It is the only county cricket ground in the united kingdom where you can both see the sea and feel the breeze coming off the adjoining estuary – the st helen’s ground in swansea where some memorable days in cricket history have thrilled the crowds shoe-horned into the tiered enclosures lining the boundaries at one of county cricket’s most idiosyncratic venues.

It was at the swansea ground where glamorgan secured a dramatic two-day victory over the 1951 south africans; where the guile and spin of johnnie clay confounded and becalmed australian batting legend don bradman; where during the late 1940s, john arlott sat in the BBC radio commentary box, alongside swansea’s favourite son, the famed poet dylan thomas; where in 1976 west indian legend clive lloyd struck the world’s fastest double-hundred; where matthew maynard struck an astonishing hundred on first-class debut in 1985; where glamorgan defeated the australians on successive tours in 1964 and 1968; and where – during the latter season – garry sobers became the first man in cricket history to hit six sixes in an over.

This book is the fifth in the highly acclaimed cricket witness series and its publication, during the summer of 2018, celebrates the 50th anniversary of sobers’ feat at the swansea ground against the occasional spin of malcolm nash. Inspirational quotes for graduating seniors in high school besides recounting all of these feats, and a number of other memorable occasions in cricket history at st helen’s, this book also traces the creation during the second half of the 19th century of the ground – used by swansea’s cricket and rugby teams – and its integral place in welsh sporting history. Lavishly illustrated with many hitherto unpublished photographs, this book will appeal to local historians as well as aficionados of the summer game, besides showing how popular outgrounds and cricket festivals have been in the county cricket calendar.

As the golden age of men’s cricket came crashing to an end during the summer of 1914, it unexpectedly marked the beginning of women’s mass adoption of the national game. Women eagerly responded to the country’s wartime plea for help, but as they entered the factories, depots and factories of england, few anticipated they would also enter the cricket field. Motivational quotes for students for exams from a handful of wealthy, country-house teams before the war, by 1939 the sport had been transformed. Inspirational quotes for students graduating international tours, first-class county venues, crowds in their thousands, and a substantial rise in playing numbers: women’s cricket became a permanent and widespread feature of the english summer. But their physical liberation was not without liberation, and accusations of being ‘unsexed’, uncivilised and manly doggedly pursued the sport. Famous education quotes for teachers just as players began to earn the respect and admiration of the public, the second world war intervened, and women’s cricket became another casualty of the conflict.

The fourth volume in the cricket witness series, this book is the first in-depth study of the formative years of the game, and places the sport within broader changes in women’s education, employment, and civil rights, and argues cricket was a new setting for women’s emancipation after achieving electoral equality in 1928.

The third book in the cricket witness series is a celebration of glamorgan winning the 1948 county championship. Not only was it their first-ever title, it was achieved just four years after the heartbreak of losing their inspirational captain, maurice turnbull, who was killed shortly after the normandy invasion whilst serving king and country. Maurice had steered the county through a series of difficult seasons when defeats were more common than success, and the committee was regularly contemplating a return to minor county status.

Elevated into first-class cricket in 1921, glamorgan CCC were the cinderella of the county game, with opponents travelling to south wales only booking two nights’ accommodation instead of the normal three, given the welsh county’s dreadful form. As defeat followed defeat during their first two decades, glamorgan’s selection committee often found it difficult to raise a strong team, as talented amateurs declined invitations to play, and, in 1922, they had to draft in a virtually unknown 15-year-old schoolboy for what proved to be his one and only county game.

Like other volumes in the series, this rags-to-riches tale is recounted with the use of contemporary quotes and extracts from the memoirs of the players themselves. Famous inspirational quotes for high school students this book is also lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished images to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the club’s first championship-winning season and a special moment in welsh sporting history.