Nevada Gun Rental , Reno and Lake Tahoe 775-741-0735 west point academy graduation 2013

Firearm comparison special extended one week . If you do not know the difference between single and double action, striker fire and hammer fire pistols this package is perfect for you. Is a revolver or semiauto better for carry protection? Check our packages out. We can provide you the education necessary for you to make a sound decision. This package for you. Military academy west point location it includes all differnt types of hand held firearms to help you decide. Only $180 and we include inital ammo and basic instruction, eye protection and ear protection. Set this up today.

Before you condemn firearms, give us a chance to educate you on your rights. Firearms are a tool and there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you truly want to be in the know, give us a call and we have a special program just for your. 775 741 0735.

When making reservations, please be on time. There will be a $100 per hour charge for every hour you are late. No shows will be charged full rate of packages selected. Please when you pick your time and confirm, be there. There is a rescheduling fee when changing shooting times within 24 hours of your reservation.

WHAT TO BRING: please bring a hat, proper clothing, water, snacks, a desire to shoot better and a friendly positive attitude. Restrooms are out doors, camping style. Do not bring drugs, alcohol open toe shoes, filp flops or sandals. Detailed information here! Over 40 metal targets at differents distances from 3 feet out to 400 yards. Our long distance range has been shut down to the extreemly high fire danger. West point academy military we also have moving targets, shoot trees, spinners, a texas star and exploding targets. Show us how good you are. We have the best tactical range around. You are shooting outside with no one else to bother you. Rent the range for your group for $800 for 6 hours. Want to practice 3 gun, we can set up any course to your specs for practice.

We also take beginners to expert shooters. Come and test new guns, increase your skills or just have fun. ************************************* join our on call list. We are starting a special list for those who wish to be notified when we plan to be out at the range. Rates for range use while we are there will start at $25 per person per hour. This will include targets and a range master assigned to you. Text us at 775 741 0735 and give us your name and place in the text "range time". We will let you know when we are at the range and allow you to make a reservation to join us. You can also join our rangetime facebook site. We will post when we are at the range. All we need is for you to text us you wish to come out.

Convicted felons, whose rights have not been restored and those with restraining orders are not permitted to possess any firearm or ammunition under federal law. Possession under federal law means even holding a gun. Please be aware. We do ask and you will sign a form stating so.

1903, 2-M1 garand (30-06 and 308), two M1 carbines (30 cal and 9mm), tompson semi auto, mac 10 semi auto, mac 11 full auto, 1911 45, ar-10, M-14, ar-15( long and short barrel) , 870 shot gun and AR-50 all for only $300 per person. We have a russian package. Starting at $140.

Special: 50 cal BMG special: 8 rounds $199.00pp . Includes our private range. Add to one of our other packages for $100. Special: shoot our guns and your ammo. Give us a call!! 1911 comparison special: shoot any four of the following: 1911 colt, kimber custom, para ordance14, colt commanding officer, baby eagle 45 or a citadel 9mm for only $100.00. This is your chance to feel the difference between the different 1911 models . West point academy admission requirements want to shoot more? We will let you bring your own ammo. (some ammo restrictions apply) special: ladies shoot : 3 hour course on learning to shoot. Course includes familiarization training on 2 pistols, one rifle and shot gun with limited ammo for only $200.00 pp. You do not need your own gun.

Special: shoot MP5, mac 11, AK 47 slide fire, AR 15 slide fire 1 mag each, for only $160.00pp . Want to shoot more, bring your own ammo. (some ammo restrictions apply.) call or text us at 775 741 0735 for more information. We have exploding " tannerite. $15 per target" due to fire restrictions, tannerite is not permitted in washoe county or caron city. We allow tannerite.

Nevada gun rental is based in the reno/ lake tahoe area. We have all types of firearms for rent. It is your choice. We are not a walk on rifle range. West point military academy enrollment we have our own private range and require 24 hour in advance reservations. Some times we can accommodate same day shoot if reservation is make by 0800 that day.

We have recreational shooting, target shooting, hand gun shooting, sport shooting, tactical shooting and long range precision shooting as well as firearm self defense and combat firearms training. We will trail anyone who can listen and take instructions. We have a children’s program.You can bring your own firearm or we will provide one for you. We rent pistols, rifles, shotguns and machine guns.

A little about me. West point 78 alumni, US army veteran, local search and rescue team member for 17 years and still active, former casino owner with casino operations for over 35 years, criminal investigator, executive protection professional, nra life time member, licensed armed guard carry, nra range safety officer , reno/ lake tahoe recreation specialist and nevada state board of search and rescue.

We have all types of firearms and instruction. We have the famous H&K MP5 sub machine gun as well as the mac11. Want to rent and shoot other firearms? Rent an AK47 and compare that to a steyr aug or an M-14. We have vintage combat rifles too! M1 garand and the 30 caliber carbine. Try them all.

It’s all in the hands. The hands are the part of the body that interact most directly with a handgun. And how the gun reacts to its own recoil depends on how the shooter grips it. If you do not have the proper grip or stance, most smaller semi autos can misfire. Let us help you find the proper grip and stance for you. Everyone is different. Body mechanics are different for everyone. You don’t purchase clothes or cars with out trying them out. Your protective firearm is no different. What is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. .

Defensive firearms are meant to be “equalizers,” force multipliers that can allow one good person to defend against multiple evil people. To allow one good person to defend against a single evil person so much stronger and/or bigger and/or more violent than he or she, that the attacker’s potentially lethal assault can be stopped. History shows that it often takes many gunshots to stop even a single determined aggressor. More to the story

Pistol special: shoot any 5 calibers pistols (ammo included) for only $130.00. Additional rounds available. Additional guns starting at $20. You can try them all. Pick any 5 from 38 special, 380 cal, 9mm, 357 mag, 44 mag (2 rounds), 44 special, 45 caliber, 45 long colt (2 rounds), 50 cal AE (1 round only) and the sig 2022 . We will throw in the 22 pistol for no charge and give you 10 rounds to shoot to practice ( you can bring your own ammo and shoot longer). Determine which caliber is right for you. Try before you buy. Other ranges charge $35 per pistol. We provide instruction, reaction targets or paper targets and an unique shooting environment.

Shoot an AR-15/ slide fire, ak-47 slide fire, (desert eagle 50 cal or 454 casull),tavor , fn-2000, styer aug , mp5 and ar-50 BMG for only $200.00 pp. Includes rounds for 223, and AK and (1 round for the desert eagle 50 cal or 2 rounds 454 casull with 3 rounds of 45 long colt). Machine gun receives 15 rounds. West point military academy news additional full mags are $40 each excluding the desert eagle.