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October 19 if you’re looking for flexible CAFM/IWMS software that you can get up and running quickly, check out drawbase’s expanded cloud offerings (products and services » software & technology) — oct 19, 2018 how will big data impact office property management? NAIOP white paper tackles privacy issues, data management (products and services » publications) — oct 19, 2018 ERP teams up with lumenetix to offer accuracy, consistency, color control and flicker-free dimming to its lighting systems (lighting » products and services) — oct 19, 2018 if you’re looking for a video management system that analyzes surveillance footage with your specific security challenges in mind, this update may fit the bill (products and services » security) — oct 17, 2018 where does your state rank on energy efficiency?

See ACEEE’s 2018 scorecard (surveys and trends) — oct 17, 2018 if you would like to integrate your smart building data and analytics into one platform, this delos/EDGE collaboration may be for you (products and services » software & technology) — oct 15, 2018 for a net-zero energy approach that makes financial sense with your building portfolio, see this best practices guide (products and services » publications) — oct 15, 2018 these online AMCA courses can help you understand the new metric for comparing fan energy efficiency (products and services » webinars, education and training) — oct 15, 2018 see how briefcam’s video analytics technology can turn surveillance footage into actionable intelligence (products and services » security) — oct 12, 2018 fmlink publisher wins IFMA distinguished author award for his article on active shooters (developments » industry awards) — oct 12, 2018 which companies are leading the way in HVAC innovations? Check out the AHR expo awards for 2019 (HVAC/IAQ » products and services) — oct 12, 2018 see how UTC plans to enhance its access control and security management services and offerings by acquiring S2 security (corporate and organization » developments) — oct 10, 2018 if you hold an IFMA credential, this report quantifies your performance value to your employer (surveys and trends) — oct 10, 2018 find out why ISS and pwc’s outsourcing partnership in the netherlands gained international recognition (corporate and organization » developments) — oct 10, 2018 does your reception area leave a negative impression? This report shows how “smart technologies” can help (surveys and trends) — oct 10, 2018 what is keeping you from getting the most out of your facilities technology? (surveys and trends) — oct 08, 2018 if you’re looking for a way to convert your desk to a sit-stand desk, even if it is in a corner, check this one out (furniture & furnishings » products and services) — oct 08, 2018 see how JLL expects its acquisition of valud will enable its clients to use IWMS, EAM and iot software for better real estate performance (corporate and organization » developments) — oct 08, 2018 herman miller commits to using 100% renewable energy in its spring lake manufacturing plants (developments » energy management) — oct 08, 2018 if you need to provide access for power, AV and data through concrete, check out this versatile floor box from leviton (energy » products and services) — oct 05, 2018 how to minimize the impact of a fire — cintas offers tips for national fire prevention week october 7-13 (products and services » safety and health) — oct 05, 2018 find out how this cordless electrostatic sprayer will help 625 US schools fight the flu this season (cleaning equipment & supplies » products and services) — oct 05, 2018 which workspace factors are key to keeping employees happy and engaged? See what this industry study found (surveys and trends) — oct 05, 2018 how can the facility services industry harness data to meet today’s challenges and optimize cleaning operations? (surveys and trends) — oct 03, 2018 see how VARIDESK tackles the open workspace debate with these easy-to-assemble movable walls (furniture & furnishings » products and services) — oct 03, 2018 if you want to reduce trash volume to save space and trips to the dumpster, check out kaivac’s new trash-compacting system (cleaning equipment & supplies » products and services) — oct 03, 2018 projects using building energy management systems (BEMS) for integrated control are catching up to current efficiency favorite, LED lighting, finds this UK report (surveys and trends) — oct 03, 2018 lighting like blue sky? Check out mitsubishi electric’s LED system that mimics skylights to boost worker morale and make spaces feel more open (lighting » products and services) — oct 01, 2018 after summer’s extreme weather, learn what your area can expect for pest activity this fall and winter, according to NPMA (surveys and trends) — oct 01, 2018 find out how much tech companies are pushing property prices and rents in your area — and how they are impacting the commercial real estate industry (surveys and trends) — oct 01, 2018 if you’re interested in smart sensing technology for efficient restroom maintenance, see what kimberly-clark professional and GOJO are offering (products and services » restroom equipment and supplies) — oct 01, 2018 for those hit by hurricane florence, nearmap offers before and after aerial images to support cleanup efforts (products and services » services) — sep 28, 2018 to provide hands-free entry without users even having to take out their smartphone, check out this new access control reader (products and services » security) — sep 28, 2018 is your state considering a clean energy law? See what california — now the world’s fifth-largest economy — just passed (regulations and government) — sep 28, 2018 if you have only 60 days to redesign and transform a branded space, check out advent’s new service (products and services » services) — sep 28, 2018 ever heard of lighting that can sanitize the air and reduce the spread of illness? Check out this LED retrofit luminaire (lighting » products and services) — sep 26, 2018 what are the top trends in office design for 2019, and how do indoor plants fit in? (surveys and trends) — sep 26, 2018 find out how the US navy is getting safe, sustainable modular offices quickly and at a low price point (contract awards) — sep 26, 2018 sustainability performance continues to go up globally, according to GRESB — see how, and make sure your facilities are keeping up (surveys and trends) — sep 26, 2018 will your state adopt the stricter 2015 IECC energy code as pennsylvania has? What does it mean for fms? (regulations and government) — sep 24, 2018 see how buildingiq’s acquisition will extend its smart building services to new construction projects (corporate and organization » developments) — sep 24, 2018 find out what these award-winning federal facilities are doing to save energy and water (developments » industry awards) — sep 24, 2018 from innovative furniture and lighting to wayfinding and all sorts of technology, see the designs that won this year’s IDEA awards (other » products and services) — sep 24, 2018 see how xenex’s UV robot will help this hospital take infection control to a new level (contract awards) — sep 21, 2018 this new tool can help you find out if your building’s security systems are prepared for a terrorist attack (products and services » publications) — sep 21, 2018 if you want to remove toxins and improve your building’s IAQ naturally, check out this new plant-based air purifier (products and services » safety and health) — sep 21, 2018 learn what OSCRE is doing to ensure your CRE data will be compatible with as many systems as possible (associations and organizations) — sep 21, 2018 learn the latest strategies and technologies for energy and water efficiency in DOE’s webinar series (products and services » webinars, education and training) — sep 19, 2018 facial recognition even at an angle or partially hidden — check out panasonic’s new security analytics integration (products and services » security) — sep 19, 2018 if you need help improving the economics of your health-care facilities’ operations, CBRE’s consulting acquisition may help (corporate and organization » developments) — sep 19, 2018 did you know that most college housing fires happen in september and october? Here are tips to reduce the risk, both on and off campus (associations and organizations) — sep 19, 2018