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SYNOPSIS: ok, residents can officially sign up as a patient for the maryland medical cannabis commission. Medicine has been available since december, yay! More dispensaries are coming online almost every day. Supply’s still getting worked out at some of the more remote outposts I’ve been to, but the ones around town generally have plenty of options. Uk university rankings it’ll all catch up sooner than later.

10/16/18: letters: alderwoman continues opposition to marijuana dispensary; readers discuss hogan’s popularity (CAPITAL GAZETTE) I, uh, wow. Hmm. I skimmed through the brief and it’s mostly crap, like using the fact that they’re opening a weed store at all as a failure to meet the “good character” requirement. Doesn’t look like there’s any specifics about the “allegations from the latino community” against one of the dispensary’s operators they’re talking about.

Needs more diggin.

10/4/18: pro-marijuana protesters, andy harris clash in DC; arrests made (DELMARVA NOW) omitted from the article: activist rachel donlan is pressing assault charges against harris for slamming the door on her leg cuz he’s a fuckface. Dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. GT

10/4/18: virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at rep. Top universities for medicine andy harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) yikes! Ok, this dude looks like he has a trainset in the basement. Harris looks more like a pet turtle guy, now that I think about it. GT

9/14/18: sowing success: harvest of arizona aims to be the largest U.S. Where is american university cannabis company (PHOENIX NEW TIMES) I had no idea harvest was from arizona. That means they should know better than to put out the kind of buds we’ve seen from them in maryland. Shame on y’all and your terrible weed. GT

SYNOPSIS: initiative 71, baby, where ya been? Read my reviews of various cannabis-infused district brands! FYI, the clarification from MPD after the recent pop-up raids regarding what is and is not allowed regarding initiative 71 means that there won’t be any further reviews of the concentrate, vape cartridges, or edibles from DC besides what’s available from the medical marijuana program on the site, at least until the law can be updated to allow these necessary medicines.Want to get a medical card instead? Boom! I can help you decide which dispensary to choose. Who loves ya like GT does?

SYNOPSIS: the bill to expand virginia’s medical marijuana program (still limited to CBD and thca oil) to any condition has taken effect. Hooray! Five companies have been licensed to grow and dispense cannabis oils, each of which has its own jurisdiction, just like jan michael vincents. Look for more details super soon! The commonwealth has rejected decriminalization this year, though I suspect that has more to do with the rescinded cole memo in this purple state than a lack of public support or government will to get it done. YOU CAN GET A DOCTOR’S CERTIFICATE TO KEEP WITH YOUR THCA OR CBD OIL! That may offer some legal protection if you end up in trouble. Read this.

8/1/18: virginia democratic congressional candidate elaine luria tweeted, “the @deptvetaffairs has largely refused to recommend medical marijuana, citing federal law. That puts the department out of step with most of the country. My american university veterans deserve access to treatments that work for them.” (MARIJUANA MOMENT)