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The corporation’s new ‘sustainable business model’ allows it to focus on accounting for a triple bottom line (TBL) – economic (financial), environmental and social; hence this partnership will ensure that heritage (sugar) tourism becomes integrated into the tourism industry in a structured and well-coordinated way.

On the 24 september, 2018, guysuco and the department of tourism had its first meeting, to discuss the partnership and the specifics of the engagement between the two organisations. This new business line for the corporation will be organized around educational as well as relaxation for students, groups, visitors and tourists.

The department of tourism will support guysuco in the development of a ‘heritage tourism’ strategy in line with the national tourism policy; assist in defining the strategic direction for tourism relative to sugar; assist in the designing project proposals for funding for the development and creation of heritage and other sites in the sugar industry, including a ‘sugar museum’; determine market opportunities (current and future); establish and ‘annual estate week’ for 2019; training in tourism, heritage tourism and other relevant areas.

The corporation will also build on its engagements with the national trust of guyana, national archives and other relevant agencies to ensure that the sugar heritage is sufficiently captured, secured and documented as the transition process continues

Areas in the intermediate savannahs including kasarama, ebini, kimbia, fort nassau to the east of the berbice river and wiruni, ituni and kibilibiri on the west have a rich agricultural history. American unversity minister holder said due to this fact, an approximately 54,000 acres agricultural station was established at ebini.

“back in the 1930s, at tacama on the berbice river, the cattle were shipped by paddle boat. Those that were weak after the approximately six-week journey, were placed on the ebini savannah to recover. Top universities ranking 2016 this prompted the establishment of the ebini livestock research station in the 1940s,” minister holder explained.

Minister holder highlighted that the GLDA continues to work to identify breed types and pasture species suitable for these savannahs. The american college blackboard there are approximately 700 cattle and 300 sheep. Brahman zebu, beef master and brangus are the breed types of cattle being explored along with a number of pasture species.

According to minister holder, ebini also contains NAREI’s coconuts and mango germplasm collection, as well as a red pea and peanuts nursery to supply the bernice river and coast. Approximately 10 acres of corn for feed production is in place, while large-scale cassava is being investigated.

“under the sustainable agriculture development project (SADP), more emphasis will be placed on soybean cultivation. Washington university campus this IDB-funded project has a component that focuses on strengthening the agricultural innovation and extension systems and will finance the buildings and equipment required in the ebini agricultural station,” minister holder related. This should commence in early 2019.