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“I’m proud to endorse lis kenneth regula for portage county auditor,” said rep. Tim ryan. “after sitting down with him several times, I’ve seen for myself that he has the skills and experience to help the county thrive. I hope you’ll consider giving him your vote in november.”

“lis kenneth regula’s experience in public service and financial management make him the strongest choice for portage county auditor. His planto modernize the office will provide a convenient and efficient process of conducting county business. And as a father, educator, and nonprofit leader, mr. Regula can be trusted to assess property values with integrity and fairness towards all,” said rep. Tim ryan.

As a scientist, regula has the statistics, data, and analytic background to succeed as auditor. From professor to auditor, the common thread is serving the public.

Teaching offers an important public service, and so does managing our county’s finances.

Previously, he owned a small business which offered natural parenting products. He also founded edible kent, a community gardening nonprofit. Best universities for engineering his hobbies also include beekeeping and woodworking. Auc logo regula lives in kent with his 12-year-old son, kenny.

Before we can answer this, it’s important to know how the county auditor determines how much we have to pay in property taxes. Every six years, the auditor is responsible for re-assessing the values of our properties. The numbers on our next tax bill are based on those assessments. That’s why it’s critical to have an auditor who operates with complete transparency and accuracy.

Turns out that 2018 is a property tax reassessment year. Some folks are feeling uncertain about whether or not their tax bill will be bigger than it was last year. If you’re one of those people, you can plan to attend a public hearing at the county administration building during september and october. Please click here for more information, including hearing dates and times.

When it comes to managing portage county’s finances and determining how much we pay in property taxes, our residents need an auditor who will explain clearly and take the uncertainty out of this process. Property taxes don’t need to be a faraway, confusing process. Portage county residents deserve an honest, straightforward voice in local government. That’s why I’m running for portage county auditor.

As a professor and entrepreneur with a real passion for numbers, I have what it takes to bring the auditor’s office into the 21st century by streamlining office operations and making property records easier to locate and understand. I’m ready to start a conversation with the folks about what they need and expect from their local government, and how we can do better.

Regula is a biologist and ecologist. He has taught at various four-year universities and community colleges, including hiram college, ohio university and university of akron. Washington university calendar after graduating high school in 1999, he earned his bachelor of science from ohio state university. Next, he earned his doctorate in biology from kent state university.

“I appreciate 314 action’s endorsement,” regula said. “the job of auditor requires precision, technical skill and experience with data management. As a scientist, I’ve got these skills and experience. For example, if I’m conducting a property assessment, I can use my data analysis skills to make sure I’m evaluating property values accurately and honestly.”

“the trump administration has made it clear that it will not drop its assault on science and facts. More than ever, our country needs those with scientific training to heed the call and run for public office. Today, 314 action is proud to stand with these candidates who have pledged to base policy on evidence. Some of the most egregious attacks on science occur at the state and local levels, which is why these candidates and their campaigns are so important in today’s political climate.”