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LINO LAKES, MN – sharetec system, core technology made simple, announces the 2018 sharetec users conference that took place in san antonio, TX, on september 17th-19th, resulted in its highest success level as the event achieved record attendance and increased engagement among particpants.

Welcoming credit unions and business partners from around the globe, the 2018 sharetec users conference reached its highest attendance record to date, making this year’s event a stand-out achievement. Attendees were offered specialized workshops and training sessions on the sharetec core banking system, as well as unique events and speakers. The conference’s hands-on approach served to heighten participation as attendees engaged with speakers and peers, and took part in lively demonstrations to learn about sharetec’s newest features and enhanced functionality.

This year’s conference saw its highest number of business partners in attendance. Shazam, one of those partners, was extremely pleased with the conference’s networking opportunities. Tim luger with shazam notes, “our positive relationship with sharetec is why we attend each year. We also enjoy seeing existing clients and building new relationships with prospective clients.”

Lisa blades, president of fortress FCU, comments, “the classes offered at the conference were very informative and the take-away was extremely helpful. Looking for a new debit card provider, the vendors we visited gave us the opportunity to meet them in person and find a new provider.”

Jackie kirchens, team leader of loyola credit union, adds, “we have had lots of members looking for person-to-person account transfers. As our new partner, sharetec proved that they can not only meet this need, but address many of our members’ other needs as well. The conference allowed us to meet with sharetec reps and discuss opportunities that can potentially lead us to a higher level.”

Courtney bowlin, sharetec’s conference coordinator, comments, “providing our clients with a wide array of business partners, meaningful workshops, guest speakers, and great entertainment proved to be a tremendous success. American college life the feedback we received from both attendees and business partners has been very positive. This year’s record attendance numbers and increased engagement from our participants motivate us to plan an even bigger and better user’s conference for 2019.”

“we have known for some time that we needed a new technology partner that understands the demands of our size credit union but could provide the services of a large credit union, and sharetec meets that need,” remarked patti gersack, operations & compliance manager at hialeah municipal EFCU. “we work hard to provide excellent service to our members and also wanted a company that would provide that same level of service to us and could not be more excited about our conversion and all the new products we will be able to offer on sharetec.”

In addition to the new services members will gain, the staff will also increase their efficiency with automation and access to the system. They will be able to see the data as they need to see it to make decisions for future growth with a robust reporting system and executive dash boards.

“hialeah municipal EFCU is looking to the future and plans to offer a number of new services in the coming months and a new core system was critical to successfully implementing those features. The credit union has always provided excellent service and has found its members wanting to move more of their financial needs to the credit union but their current core could not support those requirements or would mean a significant investment in an older platform.” remarked keane kulak, regional director at sharetec. ”members will soon have access to checking, digital signatures in and out of the credit union offices, mobile banking so much more.”

Rhonda jacques, CEO of cuba credit union, comments, "from our first meeting with deborah, our sharetec representative, we felt a bond toward a common goal of bringing our members all the current technology that is available to help cuba credit union serve all our members near and far, while keeping in mind our bottom line."

As a midsized community chartered credit union located in northwestern part of new mexico, serving a large geographical area including part of the navajo nation, cuba credit union’s current core system met their needs, but knew they needed a new core to help them grow even more. Rhonda continues, "we needed to partner with a core system that can help us grow with technology and making our daily work more automated for efficiency, allowing us to spend more time with our members one-on-one. Sharetec has been very helpful and patient, making us feel like we are part of the family already."

"Sharetec is pleased to have cuba credit union as our newest client. It was evident to us that cuba credit union and sharetec have similar visions for the future of credit unions. Both organizations are committed to providing member facing products that bring quality service and support to the membership. Washington university ranking sharetec and cuba are looking forward to a lasting relationship built on our continuing dedication to provide meaningful products such as mobile banking and remote esign to our client base," comments richard place, vice president sales for sharetec.

Lennox employees credit union in marshalltown, iowa, experienced a devastating tornado that caused damage to the credit union and the homes and businesses of marshalltown residents. While the CU was closed during this unexpected disaster, they were able to serve their members remotely with the help of sharetec service bureau.

Pat anderson, vice president of accounting for lennox ECU, comments, “we were lucky and did not have nearly as much damage as those around us, with many of our members in desperate need of access to their accounts. Sharetec contacted us right away and were awesome in getting the sharetec icon on my laptop so I could process ACH and share draft returns while assisting members during this frantic time.”

“with so many disasters happening all around us, it’s crucial for credit unions to have a plan in place. Members need to be able to access their accounts to make it through any disaster and they are counting on their credit union to be there for them. Visit american university sharetec’s service bureau is a great option for credit unions who want to be prepared,” comments matt isger, regional director for sharetec.

LorMet suffered from an inefficient, paper-centric system that required two platforms, which heightened expenses and made research difficult. They also experienced slow support, inadequate reporting for data and analytics, delays in loan processing and lack of adequate staff training. Since transitioning to sharetec, they’ve recognized maximized efficiency, significant cost savings and key enhancements in daily operations and processes.

According to emily bopp, CFO, lormet, “having all of our functions on the core was a significant improvement. The integration with operations allowed for faster member service and resolution of issues. And reporting was significantly improved from standard reports that allow you to change the scope based on specific parameters to the ability to query the entire database with an easy-to-use tool.”

Shavena brown, V.P. Of operations, lormet, stated that they have the ability to make changes on their own that they typically would have to request core processor support personnel to complete. This allowed them to take advantage of the entire system, specifically the tools available to make customizations according to their credit union’s needs.

LorMet is pleased with their transition to the sharetec core processing solution and the vast number of improvements that have resulted. LorMet now has more time to devote to upholding their commitment to excellence by providing the best products and services and improving membership service and satisfaction.