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*the individual team write ups are all countering a common misconception that NFL fans about certain teams or players. These may not be misconceptions that you often see on POD, but they’re very common on twitter, facebook and the general discussion of NFL fans.*

I know the narrative died down a little bit after the vikings game, but in case you still happen to believe it, it’s just not true. He has a great arm and he’s incredibly accurate. While the offensive scheme is amazing the rams still need someone to make all of the amazing throws that goff can.

Tyreek hill isn’t just a fast gadget player, he’s actually a true WR1 who can run the full route tree and beat teams all over the field. His speed allows the chiefs to use him in interesting ways, but that doesn’t take away from his full talent as a wide out.

Kirk cousins is a really good quarterback. Top universities of usa like, top 10 level. He has the arm to attack teams deep. Cousins is amazing when throwing with touch. If you are reading this you’re probably a lions fan who understands how dumb the “playoff win” argument is.

Tom brady will eventually regress and this team needs to start looking forward. He may have a few years left but it’s irresponsible for this team not to have a young back up in waiting, learning from the greatest of all time before eventually taking over when brady leaves.

The passing offense isn’t suddenly “fixed”. Joe flacco has always been streaky and it’s not hard to imagine that he comes back down to earth soon. John brown is a not-good player playing incredibly well and the regression will come eventually. Michael crabtree’s struggles are a continuation of what was happening in oakland last year. This is still a grind-it-out team that wins with the run game and good defense.

Not a single person on the planet can be correct about this team which means no one can truly be wrong about them either. There are no misconceptions because literally anything you think about this team is somehow both correct and incorrect.

This team has a good secondary. Videos on twitter and out of context stats seem to have convinced everyone that they’re just getting scorched 24/7 but they aren’t. Malcolm butler has had a few bad plays but a deep touchdown he gave up to will fuller in week 2 was just the receiver making an amazing catch. Adoree jackson has really stepped up this year. Kevin byard is still good.

While it is easy to blame their secondary struggles on the absence of rodney mcleod, they were bad with him in the line up, too. McLeod was horrid against the falcons and bucs and they got scorched in those games as well. Their secondary wouldn’t be better if mcleod was healthy.

While jakeem grant and kenny stills capture all of the headlines, the real strength of this team resides in the defense. Ryan tannehill still isn’t a very good quarterback and it’s easy to imagine the offense cooling off eventually. Reshad jones is an elite safety, minkah fitzpatrick looks great to start his career. Robert quinn and cameron wake still somehow destroying offensive lines. This team has a path to success but it will have to come through their defense.

Josh gordon really isn’t that big of a loss for the team. Washington university physicians while they could have gotten more in return, they have a receiving corps that has potential to be special. Gordon is still a great player, but it makes perfect sense that team would rather focus on the players that they can depend to be on the field regularly.

In my power rankings two weeks ago I said I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost to the saints by 100. I wasn’t that far off. Oh, and for a misconception, this team isn’t terrible. They have a lot of talent on the roster but can’t get out of their own way.

The seahawks still have a very real chance to make the playoffs. Remaining games against the 49ers and cardinals should be easy wins. Home field advantage in games against the packers and chargers will be huge down the stretch. Don’t count out russell wilson and the seahawks just yet.

While the dallas cowboys receivers are pretty bad, they are taking way too much blame for this team’s struggles on offense. Dak prescott is a shell of his former self and can’t hit any tight throws. He underthrows half of his passes, and his mechanics need a real makeover. Better receivers would help, but the problems with this offense starts at quarterback.

Matt ryan’s incredible 2016 season wasn’t just a fluke. American university application while it’s impossible for him to match that level of play every season, he has still been an elite quarterback. It’s easy to cite julio jones not catching a lot of touchdowns as ryan’s fault, but the receiver has 564 yards this season and it’s absolutely fine that rookie calvin ridley is catching touchdowns instead.

While the offensive line is really bad, a lot of the pressure is created by deshaun watson just walking into sacks or having no awareness of the pocket around him. A lot of the texans problems would be solved if he had better pocket presence.

Sam darnold’s rookie season hasn’t been as good as he is getting credit for. His accuracy has been sporadic, and he has been gun-shy going downfield. It’s fine, as he’s a rookie who was expected to be a raw talent coming out of USC, but he hasn’t been very good this year.

Josh rosen has been REALLY good through two starts this season. While the stat line and the team’s record don’t show it, he has been the most impressive rookie quarterback so far this season. If the cardinals can get a real team around him this offseason, they can quickly be contenders once again.

Giving saquon barkley more carries is the worst possible thing the giants could do going forward. If the plan is to draft a QB in year two of the rebuild, then the last thing you want is for your running back to have a lot of tread on the tires. Keep him healthy, keep him fresh. Shut him down for the season if you want. Do not overwork him.

C.J. Beathard isn’t as bad a quarterback as he gets a rep for. He certainly isn’t jimmy garoppolo, but he is more than your typical backup. Beathard is a little reckless with the ball but that’s fine for a team whose season is already over. He is a formidable long-term backup and maybe even a future journeyman starter if he stays healthy.