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"The damage was all self-inflicted," doug pederson said. "We shot ourselves in the foot, which is practically the same as shooting oneself in the thigh, like former giant plaxico burress did. But it’s one thing to nearly blow your balls off; it’s another thing entirely to shoot your mouth off. That’s what odell beckham, jr. Did in fox NFL sunday’s new segment, ‘tandem interviews with a football player and rap icon.’ this week, pam oliver talks with alvin kamara and afrika bambaataa.

"Beckham and saquon barkley are tough to game plan for, so we’re going to concentrate on eli manning. We plan to disguise coverages and confuse manning. He’s basically ineffective when he has that dumbfounded look on his face. Of course, when eli has that look on his face, you have to wonder what he’s thinking.

Is it, ‘I don’t recognize that defensive alignment.’ or, ‘how the hell did I win two super bowls?’"

"Please, can we stop talking about odell’s interview? Let’s look at what he did on the field. You saw odell throw a TD pass to saquon barkley. We have to get odell involved in any way possible. That includes by air, by land, but probably not by sea. Odell should be nowhere near a boat, or a microphone, for that matter.

"But it’s make or break time for my team, as well as the eagles. Make or break games seems to be a weekly occurrence in the NFC east, for all four teams. Inspirational quotes for law students we’re in last place at 1-4, so it appears we are getting the ‘breaks,’ just not from the officials."

"Our offense certainly didn’t perform as well as they have been," dan quinn said. "On the other hand, our defense did, which is not a good thing. They’re giving up an average of 36 points per game in our last 4 games. Let’s just say our defense is a great motivational tool for our offense."

"That being said, jameis is anxious to play well. He wants to be great. He wants to transcend football. In other words, he wants to be a ‘world star,’ not appear on world star. We’re hoping he can bring his own brand of magic to the team. Hopefully, that magic won’t be making our offense turn to defense with a single pass."

"This team is only as good as antonio is happy," mike tomlin said. "And antonio was happy, mostly because it was sunny and in the low 80s at kickoff, and everybody knows A.B. Is a fair-weather fan. He also had 6 receptions and 2 scores. The only thing A.B.’s better at than catching footballs is grabbing attention.

"Our defense really came through. They’re a young group, but I reiterated to them that we really need them to play like an ‘under-30’ unit. And they responded by holding a darn good offense to just 17 points. That’s about half the average for both squads."

"Vontaze burfict is back and ready to inflict his brand of punishment on the league," marvin lewis said. "And vice-versa. He’s back after a four-game PED suspension. For once, I think the steelers will condone one of his cheap shots in the hope he can knock some sense into antonio brown."

"The raiders and chargers really don’t like each other," philip rivers said. "But my stance on the raiders has softened since they traded khalil mack. Inspirational quotes for children’s books I used to fear the raiders rush; now, I embrace it. Or, it embraces me, because that’s practically the only way the NFL allows a QB to be sacked these days.

While it doesn’t match the intrigue of a jim mcmahon/dan marino matchup, the mitch tribisky/ryan tannehill showdown at hard rock stadium is a big game for both teams. The bears want to maintain their lead in the NFC north, while miami hopes to snap a two-game losing streak.

"Mitch is coming off a 6 touchdown performance against the buccaneers," matt nagy said. "I would call that a ‘career day’ for mitch. He hasn’t had many of those. In fact, his last career day was his high school job fair. There, he was instructed that his ideal occupation was ‘inconsistent NFL quarterback.’"

"We were just physically outmatched," jay gruden. "It was worse for a few players — some were bullied on the field and on twitter. I don’t condone bullying anywhere, and neither does first lady melania trump. I asked her to speak to the team, and after a 43-19 beat down, her words to the team were never truer: ‘be better.’"

"It’s not unusual for us to win a game with our legs. In most cases, it’s cam newton doing it. Cam is easily the best rushing quarterback in the NFL. And he gets the tough yardage. If it’s on the ground, cam’s gonna get it, unless it’s a fumble in the super bowl.

"An NFC west road win is always huge," jared goff said. "Especially in an environment like centurylink field. It’s always so loud there, usually because players are arguing with teammates on the sidelines. Luckily, there’s usually a teammate around to raise a finger and tell everyone ‘shhhhhhhhhh.’"

"Much like mahomes," doug marrone said, "blake is a nightmare to game plan for. For us. Inspirational teacher quotes for students there are apparently two blake bortles. One who throws to the other team, and one who throws to the other team after bouncing it off a teammate’s helmet."

"These teams used to battle in the old AFC central. Eddie george and ray lewis had quite a few collisions. And I’m talking huge collisions. But to my knowledge, neither eddie nor ray suffered any permanent brain damage. I heard the NFL wanted them to speak on the league’s behalf in the concussion lawsuit. Eddie was all for it, but not surprisingly, ray refused to testify."