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September 19, 2018 anthony tong middleton wisconsin workplace mass shooting 4 injured, 1 attacker killed by police wednesday workplace mass shooting, asian american male suspect an employee later identififed as anthony tong (asian american) at a software firm in middleton, wisconsin, opens fire in a mass shooting on his coworkers before being fatally wounded by police. Two middleton police officers and two dane county sheriff’s deputies exchanged fire with gunman anthony tong, who later died of his injuries. (2) it was one of 3 mass shootings in the US in two days.

The firm WTS paradigm of 145 employees makes software for the building products industry. The first officer arrived at the building three minutes after the first call and by 10:31 a.M., six middleton police officers were at the building along with sheriff’s deputies.

The regional FBI office is only a block away and FBI officers also quickly responded. American university washington dc ranking tong shot at police officers, who returned fire (2)

Police have not yet been able to trace the history of tong’s gun which appears to be "unique" without a normal serial number, but workplace shooter anthony tong purchased items as part … Jacksonville, illinois and attended lawrence university in wisconsin. Dane county court records show many firearms accessories were seized from tong’s madison home after the shooting, including silencers, a ballistic helmet and stun gun apparatus. [gun store says] “we do not sell guns…only accessories,” platts tells 27 news. Barred from possessing firearms after a 2004 mental health incident led state officials there to revoke tong’s state license to carry concealed weapons. Platts says tong purchased carriers for ammunition clips used with AR-15 rifles. He says tong also bought carriers for dozens of rounds that could be used with several different weapons, including a nine millimeter, semi-automatic hand gun. Investigators say that was the type of weapon tong used at his workplace. Authorities say they have yet to trace the history of tong’s firearm, noting the weapon was “unique” and harder to track. (1) three people were hospitalized with serious injuries. A fourth person was grazed by a bullet. Two of the victims who were hospitalized were released friday, UW health spokesman gian galassi said saturday. The third is in fair condition at the madison hospital. (2)

Tong’s got a concealed carry permit in sioux falls. Best universities psychology it was revoked in 2004 when he disabled his smoke alarms, ceiling fans and other electrical devices because he feared electronic harassment from apartment neighbors below him eavesdropping. When minnehaha county sheriff sioux falls police came, tong was [armed like a terrorist] defensive, delusional and paranoid, carrying a loaded handgun with a double magazine, pepper spray and two knives, and found to be packing an AR-15 terrorist mass shooter style assault rifle in the apartment with too much ammunition for self protection, and would answer if he was thinking about shooting people. He was sent to a sioux falls hospital mental health unit after a police search turned up and they took away an arsenal of weapons and stocks of ammunition. He told police "people at work who were talking bad about him" prompting police to flag tong as a danger to others. (2)

Sep 24, 2018 article middleton gunman was a quiet person, didn’t socialize much, former co-worker says wisconsin shooter in 2004 had weapons confiscated, gun permit revoked https://www.Jsonline.Com/story/news/politics/…/2018/…/wisconsin…/1379470002/anthony Y. Tong illegally obtained the pistol he used to shoot his … Middleton shooter had weapons confiscated in ’04 after saying S. Best universities in illinois dakota … Had been with WTS paradigm since april 2017 when he went into the office building at 1850 deming way and began working wednesday morning before he fired several rounds at co-workers, seriously injuring three people and grazing another person. “I did figure out pretty quickly that it was anthony tong..Anybody else, I would have been really surprised… Kind of creeped me out a little bit,”.. Tong saw that hall was looking at him, and it would draw out prolonged stares by tong, hall said. Paradigm as being a “very social group.” “he didn’t really join in on any of the social activities at all. I never saw him at anything. I only saw him at work attended lawrence university in appleton with tong. They both entered the college’s undergraduate physics program in 1993… Tong studied frequently in the library and was interested in computers. Tong’s father, a professor at illinois college, died in 2010. Tong had assembled a huge cache of weapon parts and ammunition at his house on madison’s far west side despite not being able to legally possess a weapon. Sioux falls, south dakota, reported in august 2004 that tong had disabled a fire alarm, ceiling fan and other devices in his apartment building because he believed people in the apartment below were eavesdropping on him. The mental health incident resulted in tong’s concealed carry license being revoked… Not established a motive for the shooting and have cautioned against jumping to the conclusion that mental health… Employee in good standing and was not facing any type of disciplinary action.”