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Adjustable running surface — they refer to the deck on the nordictrack commercial 2950 as the “runners flex” cushioning, and it allows you to adjust the shock absorption on the treadmill from a soft landing to a more rigid impact. Washington university email this is provided in case runners prefer a stiffer surface that simulates running outdoors and gives a solid push-off.

15% incline and 3% decline — most treadmills allow you to incline between 12%-15%, which provides you with an intense cardio workout and allows you to target additional lower body muscles. However, there are not too many treadmills that allow you to also decline the deck. This is advantageous because it allows you to simulate running up and down hills, and target additional lower body muscles.

Warranty — the nordictrack commercial 2950 treadmill has the most generous coverage available on their running machines.

You get a lifetime frame and motor warranty, 5-years parts / electronics and 2-years labor. This suggests that nordictrack is fairly confident about the durability of this treadmill.

IFit coach ready— ifit liveis not only designed to distract you as you workout, it will also motivate you in achieving your fitness goals. To fully describe all the features would take several pages, so we will give you the reader’s digest version.

• customized exercise routines– you can define your fitness goals like training for race or losing weight and ifit live will upload a workout routine designed by jillian michaels. Is american university a good school the workout covers several weeks and each is progressive. Top 8 universities in australia after each workout, your stats are uploaded onto your ifit.Com account so you can track your progress.

• sync with google maps– through a partnership with google, nordictrack allows you to run the world. With this program, you can trace a route on ifit live using a version of google maps. While you run, your nordictrack commercial 2950 treadmill will simulate the terrain and display a street view of your route. It’s just like running down your street but without the bad weather and heat!

NordicTrack excels in offering running machines that are heavy duty, provide entertainment, and employ motivation programs so you can reach your goals. If you review other models you will not find another treadmill that offers such a complete package.

If you are the type of individuals that does not need distraction or motivation as you run in place, then you might want to consider the stripped down sole f85for a couple hundred dollars less. We prefer running outside in the sunshine but recognize that there are often going to be time, weather, or other restrictions that make treadmill workouts a better option. The nordictrack commercial 2950 treadmill does an excellent job of taking the boredom out of running in place.

You may also wish to check out the the nordictrack commercial 2450 for around $700 in savings. Best universities in the world you’ll certainly miss that 22″ HD touchscreen, but the lower model still has a 10″ HD smart touchscreen to guide you through your workouts. See a complete chart of nordictrack models here.