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Toni and I attended the wedding ceremony of herb and evelyn passo’s son alex to bianca angarola at temple israel in miller in front of a stain glass window depicting the tree of life. American university division the invitation contained its image and the words, “share love. Spread light.”our boys attended pre-school at the temple; one day, after meeting the rabbi, dave thought he’d seen god. We’ve known alex, now an attorney, since he was a kid. He took my survey american history course, performing brilliantly but often appearing to be lost in thought. Rabbi stanley halpern, who had presided over alex’s bar mitzvah, returned from zionsville, indiana, to perform the service. Many friends were in the overflow audience. Cantorial soloist sean egan, a hammond charter school principal and co-cost with robin rich of temple trivia night, sang a haunting rendition of leonard cohen’s “hallelujah” during the processional.

The theme being renewal and continuity, alex’s cousin hayden adam was flower girl, a task her mother michelle performed 36 years ago at herb and evelyn’s nuptials.

Novelist sinclair lewis’ creation george F. Babbitt regarded himself as a solid citizen and regular fellow and addressed zenith athletic club lunch companions by such jocular epithets as “old bolshevik” and “old horse thief.” while talking to grandson james about best friend paul reisling, whom babbitt often called paulski or paulibus, I brought up paul turk, who befriended me after my family moved to birmingham, michigan at barnum junior high (now a park with only the entranceway remaining) after entering eighth grade undersized and knowing nobody. Top universities civil engineering we played wiffleball and football; his mom was a great cook and his dad took us to an indians-tigers game. After my family moved back to fort washington we corresponded throughout high school and college. His envelopes often employed clever take-offs on my middle name buchanan (buckmeister and buckmillian were two of the shorter ones). In january 1965, paul drove through a snowstorm from ohio to attend our wedding. Washington university in st louis dorms we still exchange occasional phone calls, usually after a sports event, but unlike me he does not like to reminisce.

Outsiders sometimes mistake gary for a ghost town. To the contrary. Often regarded downstate as a hoosier stepchild and by suburbanites as a place to avoid at all costs, gary has numerous viable neighborhoods. True, signs of declension abound, but residents have demonstrated grit and resiliency. While the recent edition of “gary: A pictorial history,” covering the years 2004-2018, includes photos of demolition efforts on the 800 black of virginia st., most pages exemplify gary’s ongoing spirit, diversity, and cultural life and are filled with signs of activity – church celebrations, sporting events, school activities, urban gardens, steelworker rallies, protests against locating an immigrant detention center adjacent to gary airport, crowds assembling at michael jackson’s family home, calumet artist residency poetry workshops, gary air show beach onlookers, and the IU northwest campus, my intellectual home for 48 years. Though gary has lost much of its tangible heritage and remains a tough environment, especially for those struggling to find work and raise families, potential exists for a brighter future not only in the development of the lakefront, airport, and academic corridor along thirty-fifth avenue but even in downtown revitalization, with gary’s alluring ruins hopefully surviving. Meanwhile, remarkable activities continue to occur in schools, churches, and community centers, some literally in the shadows of haunts that reflect its former glory.