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“as schools have received less state aid over the last 10 years, our student population has grown in oklahoma. … That’s what’s gotten so incredibly hard,” williams said. “year after year, schools have been faced with horrific decisions about (reducing) staffing, resources and what we can pay our teachers and support staff. How many millions of dollars do we have to plan on losing and how many different budget scenarios do we need to prepare at the beginning of each year? That’s become the norm.”

Vickie gregory, it was the republican supermajority oklahoma legislature who cut education per pupil funding year after year after year. It was the republican legislators who promised teacher raises year after year, but failed to fulfill those promises.

It was republican legislators who enabled the state department to hire emergency qualified teachers instead of highly qualified teachers when teachers began fleeing this state and/or the profession.Public education it was republican legislators that passed tax cuts and breaks that benefitted mostly the wealthiest and big businesses. These were oklahoma republicans.

Vicki gregory, the financial crisis of oklahoma is because of the oklahoma republican supermajority legislature. The federal government, republican nor democrat, had nothing to do with the tax cuts and budget cuts that has led us to this state of our core state services: DHS is in chaos; DOC is dangerously understaffed, underfunded, and overcrowded; our roads are nothing but faded paint and patched potholes; all but four rest areas have been closed; public education has been cut more than any state in the union; historical sites have been sold. What state sells their historical sites? Those were the actions of our republican state legislature.

Teachers have just won a legislative victory from the current legislature that is astounding.Public education it is not perfect, but it is still a great accomplishment. Teachers have also done a good job of stating their case to the public and now have a lot of public support.

On monday april 2 it will be good to have teachers gather in large numbers at the capital, to thank some politicians, to criticize some others, and to state additional needs. Certainly the need for trying to pass an additional GPT tax through an initiative petition should be discussed as well.

But then comes the issue of whether the teachers should continue to have a walkout for additional days after april 2. And just how many additional days? Two? Four? Thirty? A hundred? Their public support could really diminish. They should not stay out too long.

Teachers have been given the largest pay raise in the history of oklahoma. Wish I was guaranteed a raise of $6,000 this year! Teachers got what they asked for.1800 emergency teachers weren’t held at gunpoint to take these jobs. Teachers are causing needless pay LOSS to parents being forced to stay home from work. Teachers are showing students that if you throw a big enough tantrum-no matter your age-it sometimes works. No need to walk out now to spend it celebrating the day away. Get back in the classroom and do the job you were hired to do! That you accepted as is. I don’t make what I made 10 years ago. My friends and neighbors say they don’t make as much either. Teachers are lucky to have jobs when so many in oklahoma do not. Most workers were let go due to tax cuts. Stop singli g yourselves out as losing pay due to tax cuts! Be grateful you have a job-in a profession you chose in a state with notoriasly known for low wages and high taxes! Due to your ungrateful attitude, we now pay higher taxes on things on many everyday items.Republican legislators due to your tantrum many people training for jobs were fired for taking off work, where missing 1day in training means walking papers. Hence you created even more unemployment. That 4 day weekend to grandma’s becomes 3 due to the last vacation day being used because you were unconcerned with the repercussions of your bad decisions. AND you are lucky you or to keep your 9 month job with a 3 month vacation. A majority of employers would have fired you and immediately replaced you with someone willing to do your job at your pay. Then you could enjoy unemployment, without benefits, because you were fired. So many parents home school due to your lack of imagination in making due with what you have. Need supplies? Find a corporate sponsor for your school. Need bags for holidays? Most manufacturing firms would give you those if you asked. Can’t handle unruly and distracted students?Republican legislators suspend them and fine the parents. Parents won’t or can’t pay? Seems instructing their children to behave in class rather than be fined would work for all parties! For every problem there is a solution, if you care to see what is available to you instead of being such narcissists. Grow up, leave and find a new profession-if you can-or be quiet and do the job you are paid for.

Vickie gregory, teachers are fighting for our students. They want the depleted funding to be replaced for our students so they can have up-to-date textbooks and technology; art, music, language, and advanced classes. They are fighting for funding so there won’t be 40 kids to a geometry class or 25 to a first grade class. Can you imagine trying to teach 25 six-year-olds how to read? There are over 1800 emergency certified teachers in oklahoma classrooms. There is a teacher shortage.1800 emergency if you fire all the teachers, there is no one to replace them. So many of the aspects you bring up are legislative, administration or local school board decisions, not teachers. Attitudes like yours is the reason I and so many other teachers have taken your advice to “leave.”

Vicki – your boss promised you a pay raise of 6K. However, your co-workers are leaving for more money and you have to do their work as well as your own. But, you stay because they promised you a raise. For ten years you stay waiting for your raise and now your company is going broke. They expect you to stay and work with broken equipment and co-workers who are not trained to do the job properly. The issue is no one wants your products because they are poor quality. You would like to produce better products but you cannot because the boss that promised you a raise 10 years ago, won’t even approve buying ink for the copier and expects you to stay after work (after you clock out) and clean the office on your own time and and buy toilet paper, pens and cleaning supplies on your own dime.Republican legislators tell me vicki, how long would you work for that boss?

Vicki gregory, your attitude is the reason that so many of us teachers have taken your advice and left the state and/or the profession. Currently, there are 1800 emergency certified teachers. If they fire all the teachers, who will teach the students? Supporters of public education are working for the STUDENTS so they can have current textbooks and technology; so they can have art, music, language, and advanced classes; so class size will be reduced and there won’t be 40 students in a geometry class or 25 in a first grade class; so they can experience new things on field trips. This bill is a good start, but the 28% that has been cut from public education needs to be restored for the good of our STUDENTS.

Vicki: what a selfish human being you are. You realize that the kids are the victims of the funding cuts and tax cuts, right?Promised raise class sizes and course offerings affect their quality of learning. Do you realize that the kids are also the victims of underpaid teachers, as when teachers leave, there are not enough qualified replacements due to the teacher shortage? Certainly you realize that in ANY profession, if a company cannot recruit and RETAIN a qualified workforce, that salaries must increase.. People like you who seem to dismiss others while not ever spending time in their shoes or even looking at things through their eyes shows me just how selfish and self-obsessed you are. Why don’t you go substitute teach for a day, as you seem to think this vocation is easy? Why didn’t you choose teaching as a profession yourself? Because it didn’t pay enough? So, those who did choose the profession are just idiots, right? Or they should just plan on a life of poverty because selfish people like you refuse to pay a few more cents on a gallon of gas?1800 emergency this is about our kids, first and foremost. Perhaps firing teachers unhappy with their pay and recruiting fast food workers to take their place works for you, but as a parent who entrusts their kids to these teachers every day, that doesn’t fly for me. And if you’re upset about paying higher taxes on gas, then why don’t you vote for politicians who are willing to choose progressive taxation instead of regressive taxation? Did you vote republican? If so, thank yourself for the tax increases on the poor… Democrats would rather have had income tax increases on those who actually HAVE money and to put our oil and gas taxes to the levels where they used to be decades ago….