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We watched another brokenwood (made in NZ) mystery this weekend (through ACORN) and another murdoch mystery out of canada. Love them, and hate to approach the final shows of a season. Washington university danforth campus tonight is one of my faves, dancing with the stars, except… Who are those people????

This morning I had scrambled egg whites (allergic to yolks) with cheese and chives, and a lovely trader joe’s english muffin for breakfast. I don’t usually have much. DH found a vietnamese sauce to try on our leftover rotisserie chicken and mixed vege and rice tonight.

We started discussing exploring towns we’ve heard about and want to see. I’ve just been spent with the move, and the thought of a car trip was gross, but I’m beginning to want to explore. I think we might start with wyoming as it’s close, or santa fe/taos. I was surprised to see georgia O’keefe’s house/studio is so expensive to tour.

I attended quilt A fair with my friend mary last friday, and ahem, purchased a pattern, and two little kits. One is felt sugar cookies, and one is beaded stars. I can hardly wait to open them up and do something creative! I’m still trying to organize my creative world.

On the other hand I did another writing prompt yesterday, which is very creative as the whole story comes from inside me… Not sure what part of my brains holds hands figuratively with my imagination to create these. The link to that short story is HERE "a sliver of hope"

Fresh flowers on the credenza again… University rankings 2015 I am not sure what it is about fresh flowers, but they make me happy every time I see them. This is a mix of baby pink, coral carnations, deep gold of sunflower, white daisies, with a green background. Imagine those colors in a quilt or a rug. Pretty.

Many. Usually a week is full of lessons if you pay attention. I’ll tell you about one… We went to the renegade craft show in downtown denver this weekend. Top universities spain the artists were ALL friendly and open. It was a small-ish affair in a parking lot in the warehouse district. It was blistering hot in the sun. They could have been dismissive or rude but they were instead welcoming and happy and talented and open.

How refreshing! We paid for one hour parking so we didn’t dawdle but we enjoyed several conversations and milo was adored by many which he took for granted! Not me, I took a mental picture of the moment to replay this week of mundane and difficult things to do.

On the way there, we drove past a homeless shelter. At first glance, I saw tarps, and trash, and lots of people crouching on the sidewalk and wondered what the heck? When I realized these disenfranchised people lived like this, I sobered up right fast.

I get tired of many things here that are not what we were told, many problems we didn’t anticipate, starting with the expensive housing. American college student north korea we lost one house to a snafu of being owned not by the signers of the contract, but by a trust they wouldn’t release. That started 4 months plus, of intense looking for a place, losing bid after bid. Anyway… We took the first one that accepted our bid and are finding out problems with the neighborhood and house that we didn’t expect.

All that fell away as I made myself see the people with no place to go. I felt their collective pain just driving past and it was nearly overwhelming. I had to protect my heart from feeling the intensity, which may make me weak but it is what it is.