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Finding people who have notes to sell is essential to your success. This program gives you a proven strategy and plan to help you start making money by reaching the right people with the right message. MORE Master Cash Flow Specialist Certification

Once you’ve completed “SuperEarnings: How to Prosper in the Low Risk, High Reward Discounted Cash Flow Business,” Home Study Course, you will be entitled to receive your personalized “Note Investors Master Cash Flow Specialist” certificate. It demonstrates your successful completion of the home study course and validates your elite membership status in the Note Investors Cash Flow Specialist Network. Direct access to cash: Make Money using Other People’s Money

People are always looking to get fast cash for their notes. That’s why as a Note Investors Cash Flow Specialist, you will always have access to unlimited funds.

Note Investors provides all its Network Members direct access to investors (funders) who will provide the cash to close your deals, do all the paperwork and pay you your fees. We’ll provide you with the forms you need, and also help you work with them. And best yet, Note Investors never charges a fee, which means you keep everything you earn. Your Marketing Tool Kit includes all the Ready to Use Tools You Need to Jump Start Your Note Business (On Vol 2 DVD)

step-by-step plan that provides a solid foundation for your success. education level 5 You will also find samples of professionally prepared marketing flyers, direct mail letters, directions on how to prepare your marketing materials, Social Media marketing resources (included on Vol 2) and samples of all the forms you’ll need to seamlessly work with the funders. And last, but not least, a powerful Jump-start Marketing Plan that delivers big results for small budgets. In short, everything you’ll need to start and run your discounted note business. Negotiate the Best Deals: Power Negotiating will Show You How (On Vol 3 DVD)

Good negotiating skills are critical to the success of every business. In Volume 3, “Power Negotiating,” a nationally recognized note/cash flow expert reveals the most effective negotiating techniques used by the industry’s top earners. This indispensable program will show you how to sharpen your skills to get the best deals — the ones where all parties are satisfied. Includes 90 Days, One-on-One Personal Support

At Note Investors, we take support seriously. We’re here to help. This means you’ll have someone to talk because you’ll have access to our direct help phone line. That’s right. Help is just a phone call away. salary education level Call us any time. We don’t just talk support, we deliver it.

If you’ve been looking for a business that you can start with a very small investment, that you can run on a part-time basis from the comfort of your own home and that will provide personal help when you need it, then the Note Investors Cash Flow Specialist Network is for you. In fact, it’s the ideal way to get into business for yourself. It will provide you with everything you need to get started, grow and run a profitable business along with extensive one-on-one support and a money back guarantee from one of the cash flow industry’s oldest and most respected companies. Don’t procrastinate. During this open enrollment period, we can only accept a limited number of new members. Get started today.

"Your system is superb. Never before have I felt so comfortably confident in my ability to find and close deals. The key is the marketing aspect. education level list I was overlooking a lot of things, that’s for sure. But now, that’s all changed. highest level of education uk The amount of business out there for the taking is incredible, and’s programs opened my eyes to all of it and just how to go after it. I would never ally myself with anyone else." Lance M.

"The guidance here is top-notch. The jump-start orientation got me started fast right out of the chute, and the funders are all bona fide and very easy to work with. Plus, the education I’m getting on the investing side is nothing short of tremendous. It’s obvious these guys have a wealth of experience and are so willing to share it, unlike any other mentor I’ve ever worked with. I am so excited, and so is my husband and family." Mary C.

"Marketing is the big key to getting lots of calls coming in, and I’m really learning how to do this very well here. But also, the education I receive here helps me separate the wheat from the chaff and zero in on the good leads, so I not only can close deals faster, but I can further streamline my efforts by eliminating the time-wasters and zeroing in on the good stuff. What terrific guidance." Jarrett T.

"The a bility to call my mentor for help and advice on even the smallest detail has not only saved me many a misstep, but also gives me a full road map so I know exactly what to expect. And now I’m going full bore, and I love the way this program is showing me how to generate leads. When the calls come in I know exactly what to say, how to cut to the chase and how to instill credibility and confidence into my approach. With so much business out there today, I know that to get a hand in it, I need to approach exactly the right people and say exactly the right thing. I was wasting my time before, just dabbling in this business. Now I know I’m in this game for real, thanks to the stellar direction I’m receiving from" M.R.