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I am a self confessed gym addict. I need to be at the gym 6 days a week. I have been on and off for years, but since 2010, I have taken my weight training seriously. I count macros, do compound lifts before isolation and have even done the odd body building comp or three.

Many people stink whilst exercising. It is a fact. Either the ciggie they snuck in before entering the gym, or a day’s worth of BO. I like to use my perfume as a sniffing salt, so it has to slice the environmental smells and pierce my brain.

I need to be incredibly focused whilst lifting heavy! One hundred kg on my shoulders requires my full attention and my scent can actually help or hinder that focus. Through trial and error, I have found what works for me. I thrive on beating personal bests; no room for relaxing scents.

During my working week, I get to the gym by 5pm or so, and by then, my afternoon scent has been worn off by the accumulation of dirt, grease, and absorbtion by my hefty overalls.

I am ready for a new perfume and I probably stink of clutch dust and diesel, if I am honest with you. Notorious by ralph lauren 2008

My most beloved gym scent is notorious by ralph lauren (2008). I have been using it since 2010. Universities of america acquisition is becoming more difficult and I will need to arrange a replacement. What I love most about it is the black currant. The heady hit of that note makes me alert, but in a kind way. University rankings 2016 si by armani has a similar note, yet it hits in a more laser like way, and I find it distracting.

As I have never worn this at any other time, I actually cannot comment on the dry down or longevity. Notorious does not last beyond the training session, strangely. Might be because I am constantly wiping myself with my towel and it is evaporating with my rising body temperature.

I don’t notice many other people wearing perfumes whilst training. I do get the odd whiff of axe body spray, but it is the usual fougere type. Oh, I lie! At my last gym, I caught the trail of a guy wearing egoiste. I did follow him and do a confirmation sniff.

Hurrah for the perfumed powerhouses, my scented steel sisters (and brothers). It’s so very good to be back to strength training after such a long injury-induced pause. I’m starting to feel more like me again. And I finally have a competition date in december to work towards only a wee qualifier, so no stress. (not a bodybuilder but a powerlifter, bench only, both able bodied and para comps)

Aye, I always wear perfume in the gym. It’s partly to create a force field around me, to prevent the miasma of the under-washed distracting me. Oh, and to combat the godawful stank of unwashed neoprene knee sleeves. But I also wear perfume to remind myself to live in my body, and be present in my own skin while I lift. Breathe, and reel the thoughts and focus back in.

I don’t have one fixed scent for the gym. I do tend towards dryer chypres, incense, and leathers when I’m training with nothing sweet or vanillary or boozy or swoony-soft. But almost nothing gets ruled out. Some vintage miss dior today, and I wore rozy vdp for my bench session on monday. Damn rebel bitches has had a few outings to the gym too. L’heure bleue is usually there for competitions, part of the ritual. Best universities australia so that gets worn for heavy single training too, to associate it even more with good strong lifts. I’m not a shouty-growly-kill-the-bar lifter, so LHB works with the calm, smooth controlled headspace I try to find on the platform. It’s not a soft romantic waft on me.)

I started training about 35 years ago to support my strength and endurance while working at training horses. When that career ended I began to focus on a traditional body building programme. Compound movements followed by isolation work. Washington university washington I did my first and only competition when I was 50 at a time when 28-35 was the oldest age division and managed to place. Now I continue for the express purpose of maintaining muscle mass and bone density as I age. And, of course, because it’s completely addictive. I don’t have a gym fragrance. Currently I am training at a university facility and most members are in their twenties. They are also remarkably odour-free and…yes, scent sensitive. I do spray fragrance on the top of one hand, usually something that I am testing. Since it takes me a bit longer now to recover between sets, I use that time to evaluate the scent. The odour of the steel on my hands (which I love) often combines with the fragrance, making for some interesting and unusual combinations.