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Our mission is to raise the awareness of kansas state university students concerning cultural diversity, the common humanity we share, and the significance of this knowledge to their lives. We believe that understanding cultural diversity is an essential survival tool for the twenty-first century. Since anthropologists are the leading source of information on different peoples around the world, our courses are designed to introduce students to the concept of cultural diversity and many related issues. Inspirational quotes for graduation ceremony anthropology provides an excellent knowledge and skills base for students seeking employment with a bachelor’s degree in a wide variety of employment settings. Cultural resource management firms, public health, public administration, marketing, museums and zoos, the military, and social services are some of the many areas that have drawn on the training and experience of anthropology majors.

A strong anthropological background offers excellent preparation for those entering graduate studies in anthropology and related fields, and in pursuing other professional training, especially medicine and law.

We have developed 6 student learning outcomes (SLO’s) that we continuously assess to make sure we are achieving this mission. Because anthropology is such a diverse field, we strive to make sure students are able to demonstrate achievement in 2 of the 5 following SLO’s (specific to each field of anthropology): cultural diversity (cultural anthropology):

In addition, all majors will be able to demonstrate achievement in understanding and using the anthropological approach. Best inspirational quotes with images students will demonstrate basic knowledge of the holistic four-field nature of anthropology and the concepts and integration of culture and biology as used by contemporary anthropologists. This specifically includes the development of anthropology as a distinct field of inquiry and the relationship between anthropology and other academic disciplines. Specifically, students should be able to:

Anthropology is a diverse field, bringing together 4 very different yet interrelated fields of study. Our faculty covers all four major subfields of anthropology (cultural, linguistic, archaeology, biological) and have worked in every major continent around the world. Inspirational quotes for students graduating high school their dedication to serving undergraduate students has won them several of the most prestigious university, state, and national teaching awards, and brought world-wide recognition to the program. Our program offers many opportunities to undergraduates that most programs in the world cannot offer. Our students often work alongside us as teaching and research assistants. Our undergrads are offered hands-on training and experience in the methods of digital ethnography, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and osteology. Such experiences propel our students to win top scholarships and attend the best graduate programs in the world. Recent graduates have won multiple national science foundation fellowships fulbright awards, the prestigious marshall scholarship, and many others.

This year we assessed our research methods and the dynamic nature of culture learning outcomes. Through this assessment we found that our research methods courses are especially effective in preparing students to apply anthropological theory and knowledge in real world scenarios. For this reason, we are working to expand more opportunities like this for students. Best inspirational quotes for the new year we strongly encourage students to engage in high-level research methods courses, internships, field schools, and study abroad experiences. Over the past two years we have funded over $35,000 of extraordinary educational experiences for students.