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After I discovered I was pregnant, I asked the assembly to support me so that I could look after my infant son and continue my job as a councillor. I asked for permission to breastfeed him in the chamber, or for daycare to be provided in the assembly building for the children of councillors, assembly staff and visitors.

The shortage of childcare facilities forces many women to give up work. Even parents who manage to find a place for their child have to deal with lots of rules and regulations. For example, they have to write their child’s name on every single item of clothing, including nappies, and provide proof from a doctor that they have recovered from a cold or other communicable illness. When our children get sick – as they often do – it is very difficult to take time off work to look after them.

There is a japanese proverb, 出る釘は打たれる/ deru kugi wa utareru, or ‘the nail that is sticking up gets hammered down’ (fun grammatical fact, note how the passive tense removes any agency. No one is identified as doing the hammering, it just kind of happens)

The session was suspended while assembly members voted in favour of forming an ad hoc committee to decide how to discipline her. It composed an apology and demanded that she read it out. When ogata refused, the committee reconvened and the chamber voted to suspend her for the rest of the day. The incident held up council business for eight hours. (emphasis mine)

"On the 28th of september, when I stood to address the chamber, I violated article 134 (which prohibits undignified behavior) of the council rules. In view of the need for members to behave in a dignified manner, I deeply regret my thoughtless behavior. George washington university law school I am deeply sorry and hereby apologize."

I wish she would improve her communication skills as a local politician and stop bulldozing what she wants to do without consensus. Only spread impression of a trouble maker or smug …Is not gonna change the world. Those ‘old men’ in the city council are not enemies from the beginning. It looks like she’s inviting bully situation by herself and that’s suggesting a quality appropriate to a politician.

I love japan, but the misogyny here is astonishing. It often has me reflect how much of it is ‘baked in’. While I’m trying to get some talk about non-kavanaugh stuff here, I have to reference this, which references kavanaugh’s time at yale and the atmosphere of the campus

What is surprising, however, especially in light of today’s priority on hearing and empowering the voices of society’s underclasses, is the extent to which winter and all the alienated kids who arrived on yale’s old campus (where all the freshmen live) in the fall of 1983 regarded the social structures and their places in it as normal and expected.

This is all my opinion, but when it is all ‘normal and expected’, you have to be careful about faulting people for not taking up arms. The costs of stepping up and stepping out are too high. However, you have to call them out. But you have to take care when you do so in that kind of atmosphere because you never really know if they are doing it because they have a mean streak or if they honestly just don’t realize what is happening. When things do break open, you have a chance to see how much it is people who are genuinely clueless and how much it is people who have a mean streak. Top universities for biology which is both good and bad, because you find the people of real value and you find the people who are not, but you find yourself often disappointed.

Turning back to japan, abe’s wish for increased women’s representation represents the challenge of figuring out whose helping and whose not. Washington university urology to my mind, abe is just another LDP dinosaur and he mouths those platitudes, but provides no leadership to make those things happen. Abe could have gone to that LDP corner where multiple men were heckling shiomura and told them to fess up. As it was, one guy fell on the sword, providing the nice image of an apology and things could go back to normal. The apologist was only (and here is another japan centric notion) 51, which made him the low man on the totem pole, so he had to go out and apologize.

Osamu yoshiwara, the chief secretary of the tokyo assembly’s LDP contingent, was asked why he didn’t out suzuki right away since he was sitting so close to him, and he said he didn’t know it was suzuki because he was asleep at the time. Suzuki didn’t confess until five days after the incident, and according to assembly rules a member cannot be censured for “talking out of turn” if the request for censure is submitted more than three days after the problem statement was uttered. Shiomura tried to file a censure request june 20, two days after the heckling but it was rejected because she didn’t name anyone. Tokyo shimbun thinks the LDP kept suzuki quiet until the three days were up in order to avoid censure, which might have had deeper repercussions since the party pledged to boost women’s “options” during last year’s election campaign. Moreover, the tokyo assembly is now discussing an anti-bullying bill, whose purport the heckling clearly contradicted. Some commentators think the remarks directed at shiomura sprung from a feeling of “arrogance” on the part of the LDP, who won all 59 seats they vied for.

Suzuki had previously made news by going to one of the uninhabited senkaku/diaoyu islands that japan and china are contesting ownership, so it’s pretty clear to me that he’s a right wing tool and trotting him out there as a sacrificial lamb underlines that, so I don’t think he was itching to make an apology, it was a calculated face-saving move with no actual reflection on why it was stupid. However, japanese are probably number one in the world in dealing with cognitive dissonance, so I don’t see much changing.