October 1 concerts and live music events in washington, dc american univesity

Clarence turner, guitar, vocals; sean graves, drums; chuck pearson, keyboard; dave satterwhite, bass; gary hendrickson, trumpet; frankie addison, sax. American college paris an infectious, rhythmic, gritty, and soulful, feeling sparked a fire into clarence turner while listening to his father’s collection of lps, which included the incomparable muddy waters and the legendary howlin’ wolf. Every wailing stroke of the guitar spoke to clarence; and at the age of eight he began a life-long love affair with the blues. It was no question the guitar chose clarence. Throughout his teenage years, he played his guitar delivering the blues and receiving love from audiences both local and abroad. The blues cannot be truly mastered unless one has experienced life and experienced it hard. Following suit, clarence disappeared from the music scene in his early twenties.

During this time, clarence experienced the heart and origin of the blues, a strong dose of reality, pure love, painful hardship, and amazing good times. …More artist info… -♪- $5.00 -♪- local musician! -♪- buy music/hear samples

Each day’s concerts are broken down into five categories – “jazz and blues,” “classical,” “rock and pop,” “americana,” and “potpourri.” now and then we’ll probably accidentally toss stuff into the wrong category (sorry about that!) – some acts are hard to categorize, and some acts will be new to us and we’ll simply mislabel them. University rankings in canada so if you aren’t finding anything to your liking in your category of choice, be sure to look in all of the categories. Our categories are as follows:

• “potpourri” is our polite way of saying “other.” it’s music that isn’t prevalent enough in the district to warrant its own category, and that doesn’t really fit in any of the other categories. This includes world music, holiday music, marches, sing-alongs, throat singing, etc., as well as open mic nights (since open mic nights are like a box of chocolate). Some incredible music falls into this category, so don’t skip over it.

• the prices that are listed are the base prices. American college football teams for some large events, the prices for the premium seats may be quite a bit higher. Occasionally, fees will be added to the ticket price that is listed. On the other hand, some venues may offer discounts for seniors, youths, students, military, and/or members of the organization, or may offer a lower price if tickets are pre-purchased.

• if we become aware that a concert is sold out, we’ll update our information (we usually just remove the event), BUT – some of these events are added to our calendar weeks ahead of time, so for popular performers you should check to make sure that the event is not sold out.

• we only list live music events – this can get a bit fuzzy with djs. If we know that djs are creating something new and unique with their mixing, we’ll list them; if we know that the djs are playing the music of others without significant reinvention, we won’t list them; if we’re clueless (which is too often the case), we’ll usually default to listing them.

• not all of the live music events that we list are solely concerts. If there is an activity, such as a festival, that includes live music as one of its components, we’re gonna toss it into the mix, even if the music is not the primary focus of the activity.

• each listing includes a link to an artist or event page, and most include a link to either the venue’s website or the venue’s description on the district concerts site. Top universities england some events include links to external sites for buying tickets or music by the artist. WE NEVER ADD ANY FEES VIA THESE LINKS – any additional fees that are added are added by the venue or the ticket vendor and are inescapable unless you buy the tickets at the box office. Please note that we try to link to an artist’s most recent album, but it’s not always the music that will be performed at the event. For classical music, the link may be to either music by the artist or to one of the pieces that is to be played that night.

• some musicians aren’t really clock-watchers. For some concerts, a “7:00” start time means that the first note is played at 7:00 or 7:01. For other concerts, a “7:00” start time could mean 8:00 or later. If a venue lists both a "doors open" time and a "music starts" time, we’ll list the latter. If a venue lists only a "doors open" time, we’ll list that, even though it could be a while before the music actually starts.