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Due to last week’s library book sale, I returned to that era through a july 26, 1966 LOOK magazine I purchased. Based upon two articles, it was obvious the war had already become controversial. LOOK’s columnist leo rosten discussed a dinner party he attended where the guests got into a furious debate over whether a war against guerrillas could be won. Those opposed to involvement were strident in their thought: “you can’t ever win a war against guerrillas!” rosten was puzzled by that thought as he believed it might be difficult but it could be done. He mentioned all the successful campaigns against guerrillas actually including native americans in the category of guerrillas in their fight against the U. Univin S. Cavalry.

Winston S. Best universities for biology churchill, the 25-year-old grandson of winston churchill, had become a war correspondent.

In an assignment for LOOK in vietnam, he wrote of destroyed villages and a visit to a crumbling hospital where he saw a ward full of old women and young children, middle-aged men and pregnant mothers. The mattresses, soaked with urine and blood, didn’t even have sheets.

Churchill, shocked by such conditions, couldn’t believe more couldn’t have been done to help these hospitals. He said the U.S. Had given $541 million that year (1966) in economic aid. He observed, “it is unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable, in view of the united states’ determination to do all in its power to build up the vietnamese government, that the greater part of the aid provided by the U.S., instead of going through experts on the spot, is channeled through the saigon ministries, where millions of dollars disappears into a whirlpool of corruption.”

While johnson along with sec. Of defense robert mcnamara and sec. Of state dean rusk continued heading for vietnam disaster, on the homefront johnson promoted more progressive legislation with the passage of the medicare act. He signed the legislation at truman’s library in independence, missouri, on july 30, 1965, with former president harry truman and his wife bess in attendance. Ranking of universities johnson credited truman with the idea for the legislation according to the history website.

Robert kennedy, formerly attorney general in his brother’s cabinet and now new york’s senator, then entered the race. The ill feeling between kennedy and johnson was apparent. According to the oxford university press website, johnson announced on march 31, 1968, he wouldn’t run again. Kennedy, his nemesis, had forced him out with the help of mccarthy.

If you’re over sixty years of age, you may remember mogen david wine. It probably could’ve been described as the box wine of the sixties. It’s kosher for passover according to the mogen david wine website. Best universities for business mogen david is the yiddish pronunciation of the hebrew magen david, which literally means “shield of david”, but is used metaphorically to refer to the six-pointed star of david according to wikipedia.

The goldenbergs liked mogen david wine. Being neighborly, they offered wine to sid and anna belle williams. Since sid and anna belle were devoted southern baptists, they told the goldenbergs they couldn’t be drinking wine since baptists didn’t drink alcohol. The goldenbergs reassured them mogen david was only “grape juice.” good news for sid and anna belle! “if it’s only grape juice, we can drink it,” sid said. Besides anna belle told their children, “everything is okay in moderation. Even jesus drank wine and turned water into wine.”