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And alan is absolutely right that nothing is going to change at ARU board level unless the QRU and NSWRU have the balls to get rid of the current cohort. I was hoping that the blatant branch stacking going on in victoria might spur qld and NSW into action. The fact that it hasn’t suggests to me that they are each getting other trade offs to compensate and keep them quiet.

The NSWRU and QRU do not trust each other and are always looking out for their own interests, a fact which the ARU/RA exploits to maintain the status quo in national rugby union. But one thing which is guaranteed to unite the NSWRU and QRU against the ARU/RA would be any move by the ARU/RA to reintroduce a professional provincial rugby team to WA. The two heartland unions fought for 12 years to shut down professional rugby in WA and they would not simply roll over and let the ARU/RA reintroduce professional rugby to WA.

So in the unlikely event that SANZAAR agrees to a fifth australian super rugby team at some time in the future, there’s buckley’s of that team coming to WA (western sydney force, anyone?).

The queenslanders may be pissed off because the 2019 bledisloe has gone to perth (and the 2020 bledisloe has gone to melbourne) but the simple fact is that the ARU/RA could not find anyone else dumb enough to pay them $5 million for the "privilege" of hosting either test, especially no-one in queensland.

The ARU/RA must love outfits like the WA government/tourism WA who appear to enthusiastically hand over millions of tax-payers’ dollars in sponsorship of sporting events with questionable tourism value. I can’t wait to see how much the ARU/RA will be able to squeeze out of the WA government/tourism WA in sponsorship of wallabies vs tier 2 union tests in perth post 2019.

The new world rugby global calendar for 2020-2032 has increased the number of games which tier 1 unions must play against tier 2 unions; there will be a minimum of 110 tier 1 vs tier 2 tests in the 13 year calendar period, and while a lot of those tests will be played when tier 1 teams tour tier 2 nations (e.G. Georgia state university computer science england and france will be touring the pacific islands), the SANZAAR unions have committed to hosting tier 2 teams in the july international window. This means the ARU/RA will have to find hosting stadiums and sponsors (i.E. Gullible state governments) who are willing to pay for the privilege of hosting those wallabies vs tier 2 tests. I don’t think wallabies vs georgia tests were quite what victoria had in mind when it handed over x million dollars to the ARU/RA in return for 6 wallabies tests in melbourne during 2018-2025 (where "x" may be between 15 and 20).

To the question of who gets injured the most, the research establishes that it is older players who are heavier, playing in better teams, in fact, likely to be representative players. In relation to this schoolboy issue, I have asserted that there is a problem of coaching and refereeing.

On the coaching front, many scrum injuries are as a result of the bad positioning of the body in the scrum. A second-rower, for example, is likely, when forming a scrum, to bend and put his head into the front row, in which case his head will be below the level of his hips, so he is in trouble when weight is applied. He should be coached to squat before he enters the bind.

In fact, 50 per cent of the injuries are in the tackle area. Yet injuries keep happening in our game while they don’t seem to happen, with such frequency in rugby league, AFL or soccer; although, the rugby community has been saddened this week to learn of the serious injury to wallaby no 698, richard tombs, incurred in a head clash in a social game of soccer.

On the issue of coaching, though, we are back, again, to square one. North georgia college and state university soccer new south wales have moved chris malone on. He was head coach at sydney university between 2013 and 2015. In fact, university won the shute shield in 2013. He has been the “attack coach” for new south wales.

Chris whitaker, for the past decade, has bounced around europe at a number of clubs, one of which was stade francais. They conceded well over 600 points each season throughout his tenure. And he comes to new south wales having “coached” the french club montauban. Georgia state university engineering ranking they are a second division outfit. Hardly a sparkling coaching CV, coaching in the lower divisions in europe.

The coaching highlight of the week came from the crusaders’ breakdancing coach, scott robertson, who must be congratulated on an outstanding achievement in coaching the crusaders to their second successive super rugby title in the only two years he’s been in charge of the side; and polishing it all off with a magnificent and entertaining breakdance performance at the end.

You will recall that a senate inquiry into the farce by which the western force were ditched from super rugby handed down a 54 page report which argued, among its recommendations, that ASIC review rugby australia’s public financial figures and its transactions with the melbourne rebels. This is not going to go away.

The western force, as I’ve written before, were closed down last year, even though financial offers were made to keep them viable. Remember the argument. Break up the franchise, let other super rugby entities embrace the western force players and the standard of australian rugby will miraculously improve. Well, that hasn’t happened. But a subsequent series of articles, as a result of some forensic analysis by nick taylor and others among the perth media, have raised real concerns about the integrity of the board of rugby australia. Georgia state university 1098 t it’s not a complicated story.

As part of the sale negotiation of the melbourne rebels, the ARU board had been advised by its management that a sale condition was that any subsequent change of ownership required ARU approval, which would mean approval by the board. The assumed merit of that was that you could not condone the franchise being on-sold to inappropriate organisations or individuals.

Then, to enable the rebels to be debt free, another condition of the sale, the then-australian rugby union, under chairman clyne, agreed to pay the former rebels owner, new zealand businessman andrew cox, $300,000 and the then director, peter sidwell, $200,000 and that money was then paid to the rebels. Two other directors reportedly gifted the rebels $250,000 each. These amounts then cleared the rebels of their debt, which allowed the sale of the rebels to the victorian rugby union for one dollar, under the conditions attached to the sale of the licence. Put simply, clyne’s ARU was complicit in facilitating a situation in which the rebels were sold to the VRU. It had nothing to do with a “loophole”.

At the time, the then chief executive, bill pulver, feigned surprise at the transaction, when the reality is the ARU were up to their necks in removing the western force and dishing out money to enable the rebels to be sold and stay alive. No wonder they rejected forrest’s $50 million. It was never intended by the ARU that the western force remain. On this behaviour alone, the whole board of rugby australia should go.