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In “sharp objects,” our final glimpse of jackie O’neill, the ever-drunken busybody played by elizabeth perkins, finds her sauntering up to prison for a visit. Washington university school of law ranking she’s there to see the incarcerated adora (patricia clarkson), who’s been accused of murdering the two missouri teen girls at the center of the case camille (amy adams) spent eight episodes investigating.

In typical jackie fashion, she appears not to have a care in the world ― part of the well-worn armor that masks her dark, vulnerable solitude. Strip the edge away, and jackie is nothing if not fun, especially in the hands of perkins, a chronically underrated actress who has barely gotten her due after more than three decades of feisty supporting parts. A few days before the finale brought this incredible show to a close ― or did it? ― perkins called me to chat about all things “sharp objects,” including a nixed scene that would have revealed more of adora’s fate.

Maybe we’ll see it in a second season that has yet to be confirmed, perkins revealed. Along the way, we also talked about “the flintstones,” “big,” why she hasn’t made a movie since 2005, her unwavering paranormal beliefs and amy adams’ excellence.

In sunday’s episode of sharp objects, jackie O’neill, played to wry, boozy perfection by elizabeth perkins, finally tells camille preaker (amy adams) that she knows the truth about adora crellin (patricia clarkson) and what happened to camille’s late sister, marian (lulu wilson). It’s a confrontation scene that the show has been building toward all along, but, in true sharp objects fashion, it still keeps certain details shrouded in mystery.

Perkins took some time to talk to vulture about shooting that scene with adams, why she thinks jackie kept adora’s secret for so long, and what it was like to work with director jean-marc vallée, who’s known for his unique creative approach. “there is no blocking, there is no rehearsals, there are no lights,” she explained. “there’s no beginning, middle, end to a scene.”

No, I had not. American university ranking I had read gone girl even before the movie of gone girl came out, so I was a big gillian flynn fan and, of course, loved what they did with the adaptation of gone girl. It was an amazing movie. Top universities in canada but no, as soon as I got the role, I went right out and read sharp objects, and I thought, “oh, my god, how are they going to expand this into eight episodes?” I’m pretty impressed with what jean-marc did, to be honest, because the role of jackie in the book is described so differently. When they meet jackie in the book, she’s just had a facelift, and she still has bandages on and she’s described as, like, her bandages were oozing. I thought, “wow! That is so fantastic.” but I don’t think they wanted to do that with her. We just had to give the impression that she was one of those people, you know.

I read the book, but the minute we started shooting, jean-marc was like, “this is going to be almost a dream state that we’re in all the time.” so I know who did it, and I know how the story ends, but that’s not the way we’re really telling the story. It’s not like point A, point B, point C. American college personnel association it’s sort of like start at A, go to F, go to E, go to C. Continue reading