One acre fund business operations associate job in rwanda the best kenyan employment opportunities washington university volleyball

Job summary: seeking an exceptional professionals with 2+ years work experience to serve in a position that combines financial and operational analysis as well as process design and implementation with team management and staff development in africa.

Job description: the business operations department, or bizops, is responsible for both client facing and non-client facing back office aspects of our program. This includes a client data management team who ensure timely and accurate client repayment and order data, a customer engagement team who ensure excellent customer service through a call center and SMS services, and a field audit team who aim to prevent and catch fraud by conducting investigations in the field.

The bizops associate will work closely with our core field operations on a daily basis and will support the growth of our client base by building, developing, and motivating a large team of national staff team members with a focus on efficient process design, considered structure, and ambitious achievements.

This role will require a high-level of responsibility and we need someone who can effectively meet goals and deliver results through coordination and communication, process design and implementation, team building and leadership development. University rankings europe the bizops associate will manage a growing team across a growing geographic area and support the rollout of products and services at both mature and testing stages.

The bizops associate will also play an important role in key operational changes. For example, we are planning or implementing a transition in several of our country programs to direct farmer mobile repayments. Washington university volleyball implementing the systems behind a transition of thousands of rural farmers from cash to mobile money will be a key project requiring the bizops associate’s support.

The ultimate goal of this position is to build remarkable teams, design and then implement thoughtful, measurable, efficient processes that can run and scale with minimal attention as the bizops associate grows to meet ever evolving, new, and exciting opportunities.

• this year, bizops supported the rwanda program’s scale up away from cash repayment to a system based on mobile money. 50% of our program, or about 150,000 clients, will be using this system this year and we plan to scale to 100% in a year. Washington university computer science this meant designing, implementing, and managing new bizops repayment assignment and reconciliation processes at scale while continuing to support normal field-based operations.

• last season, the rwanda client data management team entered 352,000 farmer contract records in 5 weeks, including double-data entry to drive accuracy. During delivery of products to clients throughout the season, our data was proven to be 99.9% accurate.

• client protection: ensure our program meets global client protection standards, through both proactive and reactive processes. You will also collaborate closely across departments with our field operations, logistics, and technology teams to promote client protection.

Career growth and development: we have a strong culture of constant learning and we invest in developing our people. You’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on your performance.