Onecoin demotes kari wahlroos, frank ricketts returns la american university

Due to consistent miscommunication and misrepresentation of the onelife network operations and strategy, the management team of onelife has taken the unfortunate decision to demote mr. Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the network.

Wahlroos probably has somewhat of a onecoin point balance, although I don’t think he’s stupid enough to privately put any value on it. Had wahlroos been making enough on recruitment commissions at the time of his termination, there’d likely have been an uproar.

I’m an independent individual with my own letterhead on my own personal company where in the past I have done a lot of consultancy work for various companies, also outside of the network marketing industry, and please make that very very clear that that is what this is all about.

Reading between the lines and given the timing, it’s pretty obvious ricketts is wahlroos temporary replacement.

Towards the end of the wahlroos demotion announcement, onecoin stated it was working on a “newly developed program” that will grow “a new generation of leaders and network marketing professionals”.

– so in other words, mr. Top universities of usa wahlroos, you sold onelife/onecoin packages till your last days altough you already knew there went many things wrong within the company?!? Is this correct?? We all who were inspired by your action and listening to your words have the wish and strong desire for further explanations and the truth about onecoin.

– so why did you promote the company if you didn’t sell any packages and have no confidence. Fair enough you moved on and good luck to you, but you making it out that one coin will not do any good and people’s money has been a waste. Washington university physicians all the time I was listing to you when you were promoting it you always said this is the next big thing and have people so much confidence

Kari – well… yes I believed like so many… now I hope that my 2.000.000 e investment was not wasted… AS well my 50.000.000 coins… so… what was the guestion again ? I was working AS a ambassador for onelife network… what was super good… onecoin is the company that I am not so sure…

– so if you though it wasn’t that good why did you not question the company before hand. I respect what you invested and what you done but now you got doubts and issue with the company. American university application so you saying it’s not going to do and perform as what there are saying.

– please just tell the truth kari. We all have responsibility for our teams, partners and friends. Obviously and as described above you have nothing to loose anymore so just say whats going on within onecoin? Where is ruja? Just say what you know …

Well, ruja’s “disappearance (ie., escape/ runner? Incarceration? Mafia hit? …or as onecultists/ disciples may actually believe: ascension into heaven??) reminded me of macau too, and the infamous onecoin “whitepaper” which had been announced and (3 years too late, but nevertheless…) promised to be debuted in macau.

While global scambassador, kari wahlroos, was still pocketing money bags of clearly stolen ponzi funds, hand-over-fist, and breaking in the fine leather seats of his mclaren (or any of the other three “supercars” his admirers had collectively handed him the keys to within just the previous few months) …I’m sure he would have been happy to put on his sunglasses, grab a camera, invent some bullshit and do a massive rail of bouncing powder (which allegedly got him red carpeted to the emergency room in lisbon), and come up with a proof (of non-proof) that ruja’s fine by reading a letter which she herself had just “hand delivered him, herself,” back-stage. ….Reminiscent of his pathetic, “ladies and gentlemen, ….We have the WHITEPAPER!!!” AS SEEN HERE: m.Youtube.Com/watch?T=1s&v=6mjkoyszss4

In other onecoin news, igor krnic, site administer for “onecoin-debate” online pseudo-debate sect (from which I’ve been permanently banished); and someone who appears to have direct access to janitors who once spoke with ruja, or whatever, seems to think sebastian (greenwood) will soon be following suit:

On the subject of ponzi investment/ silent ownership, in late 2016 another source who had a few good leads check out, implicated that there is a major financial/ funding connection between onecoin let players (both at the highest levels and “behind the scenes”) with skyway capital.

What I find dangerous about dagcoin ponzi, besides its alleged backers and growing “leadership,” is that it’s modeled after IOTA, a real and promising technology based on directed acyclic graph (AKA: “tangle”). Washington university football schedule and it’s NOT “blockchain” based – albeit technologically similar, cryptographically speaking; and “explorer” enabled for search functionality.

A key feature of IOTA’s iteration is its “partition manageability,” meaning that since nodes in the network “verify” previous transactions behind it in order to execute a transaction of their own, they can “park” stagnant outside of the chain (or “tangle network) without having to “reenter” until needed; or indefinitely. This is why IOTA transactions are fee-less (100% free) and don’t require mining.

The worrisome part will be that instead of using bitcoin’s sensational rise (like 100% of MLM scam coins do) they’ll use IOTA coat tails and will loudly tout their “better than blockchain” technology to their newb to crypto victims. Kinda genius, frankly. But sinister.