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The online CSWE-accredited MSW program at widener university incorporates trauma as a central theme in all coursework. Your understanding of trauma as a potential root cause in mental health challenges means you’re well-prepared to advance your client base and career in treating individuals, families, and communities in the area in which you would like to have the greatest impact. The program offers a regular admission option or an advanced standing admission option for those who have earned their BSW degree. Regular admission, advanced standing, dual degree, and certificate options

The 41-credit hour advanced standing option is available to applicants who have earned an undergraduate degree in social work, within the last six years, from a CSWE-accredited program. It can be completed within just two years.

These applicants are eligible to apply to the advanced standing option, however, holding an undergraduate degree in social work does not guarantee acceptance.

While earning your MSW, you have the option of also applying for a trauma certificate to deepen your knowledge and direct experience. The trauma certificate includes participation in a two-semester trauma supervision seminar. American university health center to review the rest of the details of this valuable credential, click here.

Trauma is oftentimes the preceding cause of mental-health challenges. Best universities mathematics according to the substance abuse and mental health services administration (SAMHSA) and the health resources and services administration (HRSA), 90 percent of clients in the U.S. In public behavioral health care settings have experienced trauma. 1

Overcoming trauma’s effects — substance abuse, illness, inability to maintain gainful employment, and other social-emotional issues — requires a skilled trauma-trained social work professional. Given that 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women report exposure to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime 1, this online, trauma-focused MSW curriculum exceeds CWSE standards and best prepares you to serve a greater population of those in need of mental healthcare.

The online, CSWE-accredited MSW curriculum weaves trauma and its impact on mental health into all coursework. This prepares clinical social workers to deliver culturally competent, evidence-based social work services. This focus has earned us a no. 1 ranking as a top online MSW program two years in a row by graduateprograms.Com. To view the full 64-credit MSW curriculum, click here.

As social work professionals themselves, our faculty has an intimate understanding of the challenges you face in making the decision to go back to school. Carving out time to work and complete fieldwork hours and coursework is a top concern among students who pursue their MSW. This is why the online MSW at widener remains dedicated to a collaborative and supportive experience throughout your entire program.

Many programs “push” you through their program in two years, leaving you scrambling to figure out how to balance multiple courses at once, fieldwork, work, and your life. University rankings medicine widener understands the rigor of an MSW program, and what’s at stake if you don’t succeed. To support your success, and have you gain the full benefit of the valuable investment you’ve placed in your advanced education, you’ll take just a course at a time until at least the second semester in your second year, or throughout the entire program.

Completing fieldwork hours is one of the greatest challenges students face in completing their MSW degree — so we strive to make it the high-value experience it’s supposed to be. From interning at your current location, to working part of your placements outside of traditional hours, to taking an extra semester to complete hours for the second field placement, we do everything we can to help you. For more information, click here.

We know you won’t have a great deal of time in your schedule to “figure things out” once your courses start. Though our online learning platform is fairly intuitive, you’ll enjoy taking a look around the online platform and getting your questions answered four to six weeks before classes start.

Our diverse faculty includes clinicians as well as community and clinically informed policy and social researchers, many of whom are considered experts in the social work field. They aim to prepare you for a wide range of social work positions with training in:

As a graduate of widener’s MSW program, you are qualified and prepared to sit for the licensed social worker (LSW) exam and, after two years of supervised clinical practice post LSW, for the licensed clinical social work (LCSW) exam.** earning your license will open new professional doors and pave the way toward higher-paying jobs in social work.