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The tax professionals at optima tax relief understand that millions of americans are plagued by the burden of IRS demands and IRS tax payments. Owing the IRS money can be a daunting and binding financial experience, but the optima tax relief system has helped thousands resolve their IRS debt issues. American college dubai following the free consultation, optima tax relief representatives will conduct an investigation where communication with the IRS is established. Following the investigation, optima tax relief experts will work towards a resolution and the closure of the tax case all within nine months (on average). Optima tax relief with tax preparation and filing tax returns. Positive customer reviews

On our website, optima tax relief has mostly positive comments, with most customers awarding the company with a 9 or 10 rating.

Customers say that optima tax relief saved them thousands of dollars, provided great customer service, and explained the entire tax relief process well. In fact, many clients say working with this company was one of the smartest decisions they’ve ever made. Core competencies

Though the company offers many tax services, it lists its “core competencies” as tax negotiation and settlement, IRS audit defense, tax levies and liens, wage garnishment, back taxes, and end penalties and interest. Optima tax relief also helps people reduce IRS tax debt. Not only does this cover a broad range of possible tax needs, but all of the company’s agents and attorneys are showcased on its website, giving a personal connection to potential customers. Money-back guarantee

Optima tax relief is highly recommended for consumers because of its services, core competencies, money back guarantee, and positive reputation and customer feedback. However, potential customers should be aware that the company has only been in business for a few years and they may encounter fees that they did not previously know about. Overall, we recommend working with optima tax relief to reach an agreement with the IRS.

Prices vary depending on individual situations. Program fees would be in addition to the rate charged for a completed resolution, which would depend upon taxes owed. In further answering this question, we worked with the example of a $35,000 federal tax bill owed over a five year period. There are two phases to optima’s service; the investigation phase (first retainer) and the resolution phase (second retainer). For the first retainer under this scenario optima would charge $999 or, if you’re already being garnished or levied at the time the service starts, $1,999.

No fees are charged during the second phase until the company performs an “in depth investigation into your tax issues with the IRS. At that time [the company] will let you know [its] estimated fees.” in total, for the situation listed above, you could expect a price between $3,000 and $5,000. Again, this price may be lower or higher depending on the unique situation of each individual.

Optima tax relief works with a variety of tax debt/IRS issues. The company can help people who owe thousands of dollars to the IRS to know what their options are. Tax experts at optima can reduce tax debt and even stop wage garnishments from starting. Whatever your situation, optima will find the right solution for you. Minimum debt

The company was formed in 2010 by harry langengberg and jesse stockwell, two former students of the wharton business school. Today, the company operates out of california and is made up of over 300 ex-IRS employees, tax attorneys, cpas, and enrolled agents. The diverse qualifications of its staff make optima tax relief one of the most notable companies in the debt relief industry. Availability

Have you found yourself in deep trouble with the IRS? Maybe the 2007 crash crippled you. Or medical debts. Even a divorce. All of those apply to me. So when I called optima tax relief, I was so thankful for their promise to help at a reasonable initial cost. My second call with them was a little more alarming. I was told I owed more than $32k, and I would have to pay $5k to get help. Universities australia I agreed. What else could I do? Except, when I received my tax filings, the amount I owed came out to around $12k. So hold on just a moment. I was being asked to pay almost half of what I owed to get a result that was still unknown. When I tried to cancel the service (after posting numerous negative reviews about their tactics: the exaggerated debt, the fear of what the IRS could do to me and the rude service I encountered whenever I questioned any of their help), I was offered a refund. But the refund came with a whole new price tag. I had to do something about my negative reviews. Well that’s awkward. I could sell all of you out who are in my same boat to get my money back. Thanks, but no thanks. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. Trust me. They will eff with you into thinking they are the only option by exaggerating your debt and putting the fear of the wrath of the IRS in your head. There are better options.

Not calling optima a scam, but they operate like scammers. I paid $495 up front. After a few weeks, optima ask for $3k+ to submit my back filings to the IRS. Optima will remind you over and over about unsubstantiated amounts that the IRS “could” ask for. Best universities in the world they throw those big numbers at you and then tell you to pay them a lesser amount just to file on your behalf. Not calling optima a scam, but they operate like scammers. You always talk to sales people who gets commissions based on how much they con out of you. DO NOT GIVE OPTIMA your BANKING INFO. They use your banking and pay info to access how much they will ask you to pay them before they file… (the $3k+) this doesn’t include what the IRS will access you owe them. Once I told the “salesman” I won’t be setting up a payment plan to pay them $3k+ and I will look at other options. His demeanor changed from “happy to help you” to “we will contact the IRS and inform them that we are not representing you and they can move forward with accessing fees, garnishing your wages and freezing assets”; he then hung up abruptly. Not calling optima a scam, but they operate like scammers. I regret giving them $495 initial fee up front.